Watch: Look out! Flying basketball player collides brutally with courtside cameraman, sending both crashing to the floor

A BBC cameraman got a little too close to the action while working at the British Basketball League final yesterday after he was taken out by player.

Mackey McKnight of the Sheffield Sharks was attempting to keep the ball in play during yesterday's game when he jumped out of bounds to make a wild pass before he or the ball could be ruled out.

However, McKnight's fixation on the ball meant he didn't see two large obstacles directly in front of him - a big television camera and the operator using it.

McKnight realised in flight that he was on course for a crash landing but it was too late as he collided with the cameraman, sending him flying into a nearby chair before both of them hit the court hard.

McKnight was quick to get to his feet to check on the cameraman, who after a short while on the ground, returned to his feet and gave a thumbs up to the crowd to signal he was okay.

The game didn't get much better for McKnight or the Sharks after they lost the final to the Leicester Riders 88-85.

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