Watch: Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams turned into comic book hero - 'He's a really cool character!'

Steven Adams has received a unique birthday present from the Oklahoma City Thunder by becoming the protagonist in a newly-released comic book all about the Kiwi NBA star's life.

Adams, who turns 25 today, has had his life turned into a comic book by American artist Corey Lewis Reyyy in time for the San Diego Comic Con.

"I love sports. I love stuff where humans are in some kind of game with rules but they strive to push the boundaries and be the best. So with Steven I like that kind of perspective," Reyyy said.

"He's a really cool character to write and to draw."

Adams admitted in 2016 he was a fan of comics and Japanese animation - something Reyyy ensured he brought out in the comic.

"You can tell that he likes the fantastical aspects of his journey," he said.

Steven Adams, Kiwi Legend looks at different parts of his life, including living with his 17 siblings on a Rotorua farm, his experience of the NBA draft and training in the NBA - with the odd four-armed alien chucked in along the way.

The comic was released today at the famous comic convention in Southern California with no word on whether it will be released further.

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