Watch: Humble Steven Adams uses classic Kiwi quirkiness to avoid bragging about himself

Steven Adams isn't just frustrating his opponents on the court with his brick-wall approach also coming in handy against reporters wanting the Kiwi centre to "brag" about his improved offensive game as well.

Adams posted 21 points for the Oklahoma City Thunder in their convincing 114-90 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday - the second highest on his team behind superstar teammate Russell Westbrook.

One reporter wanted to discuss Adams' improved skills around his lay-up technique with a particular interest in his finger roll style, but the Kiwi used his usual charm to evade the question.

"The finger roll? Did I do a finger roll?" Adams said in a high-pitched voice.

"I just throw it up and if it goes in, it goes in!"

The reporter accepted the humble Kiwi wouldn't budge but made sure to call him out on it.

"I can never get you to brag about yourself," she said.

"Is that what you were trying to do?" Adams said.

The pair exchanged a laugh before Adams addressed other questions.


His last name's Christmas, but he won't wear the number 25 shirt – meet the Breakers' new signing

The Breakers have introduced their newest star signing Rakeem Cornwall, as the team trained in Auckland today. 

Christmas, 26, becomes the third and final import on the Breakers' roster, officially confirmed as having signed yesterday.

Having played for the Indiana Pacers in the NBA, Christmas' signing is welcome news for the Breakers, looking to return to the top of the ANBL ladder.

Speaking to media for the first time today, Christmas spoke of his delight at linking up with his new teammates.

"It feels good," he said.

"Being around the guys - they've bought me in, they're happy to have me here and I'm happy to be here as well."

"I'm jet-lagged a little bit from the flight, but I'm feeling good and just ready to come out here, have fun, and I've been learning a lot so far.

Christmas also addressed the elephant in the room, with his preferred squad number of 25 unavailable, taken by childhood friend and now teammate, DJ Newbill.

To his credit though, Christmas was relaxed about the ordeal.

"I'm going to go with 34, 340 is the Virgin Islands (where Christmas grew up) area code, I'm going to go with that."

"Twenty-five and Christmas go hand in hand, kids love it. I love it and it's been going alright for me."

"I guess I'll just have to wait for another time to get it back."

Christmas will be in line to make his Breakers debut when the team face the Hawks in Illawarra on Saturday.

Former NBA star Rakeem Christmas is the club's third and final import this season. Source: 1 NEWS


Watch: Australian NBA player ejected after clotheslining superstar Bradley Beal with brutal rugby-like tackle

Australian NBA player Matthew Dellavedova was ejected for a flagrant 2 foul that resembled more of a rugby tackle on Washington's Bradley Beal midway through the fourth quarter of his game yesterday.

The Bucks won the game 110-103 but 2016 NBA champion Dellavedova was in hot water after the match when his actions were labelled as 'dirty' despite him arguing his defence.

"[John] Wall threw the ball up to Beal and I tried to run him off the three," Dellavedova said after the game.

"He decides to drive it, so I tried to hold him up and he slipped because he went down.

"I was just trying to hold him to prevent him from getting the and-one, and then he just went to the ground."  

However, both Beal and Wall said they aren't surprised by Dellavedova's actions.

"He plays super aggressive. Sometime overly aggressive," Beal said.

"That's just his knack, ever since he came into the league. ... That play was kinda crazy. I understand you want to stop the ball, but there's a right way and a wrong way."

Wall echoed that sentiment.

"I give credit for him for being a hard player, that's hard-nosed," he said.

"One of the old-school type of players that play very physical. I give him credit for that.

"But when it comes to doing dirty plays, I have no respect for it."