Watch: Humble Steven Adams uses classic Kiwi quirkiness to avoid bragging about himself

Steven Adams isn't just frustrating his opponents on the court with his brick-wall approach also coming in handy against reporters wanting the Kiwi centre to "brag" about his improved offensive game as well.

Adams posted 21 points for the Oklahoma City Thunder in their convincing 114-90 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday - the second highest on his team behind superstar teammate Russell Westbrook.

One reporter wanted to discuss Adams' improved skills around his lay-up technique with a particular interest in his finger roll style, but the Kiwi used his usual charm to evade the question.

"The finger roll? Did I do a finger roll?" Adams said in a high-pitched voice.

"I just throw it up and if it goes in, it goes in!"

The reporter accepted the humble Kiwi wouldn't budge but made sure to call him out on it.

"I can never get you to brag about yourself," she said.

"Is that what you were trying to do?" Adams said.

The pair exchanged a laugh before Adams addressed other questions.