Watch: Giggly Steven Adams brushes off blood nose injury after physical clash with Pistons - 'It's still there!'

Steven Adams was in the trenches against the Detroit Pistons in yesterday's big win for the Oklahoma City Thunder, even copping a bloodied nose.

Adams said after the 110-83 win, in which he top-scored with 21 points, it was great to win on the road in Detroit.

"It's always big getting a road game.

"They're so difficult to play and win in someone else's home."

The Kiwi centre was matched alongside two-time all star Andre Drummond and spent time marking five-time all star Blake Griffin too.

Adams copped a nose injury during the game after clashing with the two big men and resorted to having a blocker put up to his nose to stop the bleeding.

When questioned about the injury, Adams used his classic Kiwi humour to brush aside any concerns.

"It's still there," he said of his nose.

"I can still smell - hopefully!"

Adams and the Thunder continue their road trip to Brooklyn tomorrow where they'll face the Nets at 1:30pm NZT.

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