Video: 'Take my hat off bruv' - Steven Adams has funny dig at Thunder teammate Carmelo Anthony




The Oklahoma City Thunder were in high spirits after their win over the Philadelphia 76ers today, with Carmelo Anthony giving his teammate Steven Adams a few pointers about his fashion sense after the match.

While being interviewed by reporters in the locker rooms, Adams was interrupted by his Thunder teammate Anthony who was in a towel wearing his furry hat.

"You can't wear the same thing every day Steven," said Anthony.

The big Kiwi was quick to respond to Anthony’s remarks telling him to hit the showers.

"Take my hat off bruv, you're gonna dirty it," said Adams.

"You didn't even shower – you're gross."

Reporters laughed at the pairs banter before Adams returned to answering their questions.

The Thunder notched up their eighth straight win in the NBA beating the 76ers 122-112, with Adams scoring a double-double.

He shot 20-points and secured 13 rebounds for Oklahoma.

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