Toronto's Fred VanVleet loses tooth in horrifying collision during NBA finals

Toronto Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet left the court after a horrendous collision in game four of the NBA finals series with the Golden State Warriors, losing a tooth in the process.

In the early stages of the final quarter, VanVleet contested with Golden State’s Shaun Livingston, copping an elbow to the side of the face that dislodged one of his teeth.

Taken from the court to be treated, VanVleet’s tooth was later spotted still on the court. Meanwhile, the force of the contact was such that Livingston had to have his elbow taped up by one of the Warriors’ medical staff.

Astonishingly, VanVleet’s night wouldn’t end there – returning to the court after seven stitches to his face.

The Raptors would close out the match 105-92, taking a 3-1 series lead to move within one win of claiming the 2019 NBA title – their first ever.