Top NBA coach passing on knowledge to aspiring Kiwi kids

One of the NBA's most decorated coaches is in New Zealand passing on his wisdom to some aspiring young basketballers.

Irv Roland has developed some of the best players in the league, including 2018 MVP James Harden.

Now, Roland's switching the bright lights of Houston's home court for the gym at Dilworth School in Auckland.

"My guys from Striv3 brought me over to work with some young people here in the country so we'll be hopping around from city to city," he told 1 NEWS.

Stuart McEwen's the man behind Roland's visit, and he's hoping he can convince more NBA scouts and coaches to come here.

"This needs to be happening more often with the game growing to be the best sports in high school and we're excited to have this on a regular basis," Mr McEwen of Striv3 Management says.