Steven Adams impresses NBA fans with length-of-the-court throw during OKC's loss to Lakers

Steven Adams endured a tough outing against the big men of the Los Angeles Lakers as he continues to battle a knee injury.

But he at least caught the eye of fans of another US sport with a dynamite throw that almost led to a lay-up to beat the buzzer for the third quarter.

After Rajon Rondo hit a corner three with 0.7 seconds left in the third quarter, Adams quickly took the ball positioned himself beside the backboard a la a quarterback and launched the ball basically the length of the court to forward-turned-wide receiver Abdel Nader.

Unfortunately, Nader couldn’t get his shot off to beat the buzzer but the throw caught the eye of fans on Twitter.

Some called for Adams to take over as QB for the struggling Chicago Bears while others thought he should return to college with Oklahoma University and become the third player to win a Heisman under coach Lincoln Riley.