Steven Adams gets media giggling with recap of what he did during All Star break

While the NBA's biggest stars battled in Chicago during the All Star break, Kiwi star Steven Adams was spending time with his Belgian Malinois.

Before reporters today could ask him what it was, he jokingly told them what it wasn't.

"It's not a dessert, don't get hungry mate."

Adams' new interest away from the court was in fact his new dog which he said he spent time training over the last week while no NBA games were scheduled due to the All Star weekend.

"It's similar to a German Shepherd but smaller.

"She's hyper as s***."

Adams said so far he's taught his new dog how to crawl and climb and spent time with her at a local lake in Oklahoma City.

When he wasn't with his new family, he told reporters he was in the gym working on his craft.

"There was peace and quiet, I stayed around here," Adams said.

"I could come in here, no one around, no one to bother you - it's good stuff."

Adams and the Thunder will get their season back underway at 2pm NZT tomorrow when they take on the Denver Nuggets.