Spectator gets drenched in beer after wayward pass in NBA

One fan got a little too close to the action in this afternoon's NBA showdown between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets, soaked in his own beer after being hit by the ball from a stray pass.

With the Celtics ahead on their home court, point guard Kemba Walker looked to add to Boston's advantage to end the third quarter.

Walker took the ball to the rim, before looking to fire a no look pass to his left, allowing a teammate to line up a shot at three points.

However, Walker's plan unravelled - with no teammate anywhere in sight.

Instead, the ball ended up smacking straight into the face of a fan, who in turn spilled his drink all over himself.

Despite the Celtics' support staff being on hand with a towel, the fan would have to sit drenched in beer for the fourth quarter before the match went into overtime - which the home side would lose, the Nets taking a 129-120 victory.