RJ Hampton's NBA draft selection goes viral after family member tosses team hat moments after low pick

Former New Zealand Breakers guard RJ Hampton has been introduced to the cutthroat nature of the NBA with a rollercoaster afternoon in the league's draft.

Hampton made headlines last year when he decided to pass on the US college system and play a season in the NBL before declaring for the NBA, joining the Breakers as a "widely considered top five pick".

However, the reality was much different this afternoon with the 19-year-old selected 24th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks only to be immediately traded to the Denver Nuggets via the New Orleans Pelicans.

The trade caused chaos for Hampton's family after his selection as they didn't know which team hat to give him to celebrate his selection.

Due to Covid-19, prospects and their families were sent packages from the NBA containing caps for all 30 teams so that once they were named, they could embrace the tradition of donning their team's colours.

As such, a member of Hampton's family went to give him a Bucks cap but another quickly grabbed it and threw it away while others looked for Pelicans and Nuggets caps.

The entire chaotic moment was caught on live television from Hampton's family home and immediately went viral on social media with fans just as confused as the young guard's family.

Some thought they were being "disrespectful" to the Bucks while others defended them saying they were simply trying to get the right team hat.

Either way, Hampton is in the NBA now and will likely have a chip on his shoulder, especially given LaMelo Ball - the other top NBA prospect who played in the NBL - went third in this year's draft.

In 15 games for the Auckland-based Breakers, Hampton started 12 and averaged 8.8 points but suffered a hip injury that forced him to return home early.

Hampton hasn't spoken since the selection but said this morning, "Wherever I go, I'm grateful for the opportunity."