Outrage after Philippines basketball team pose for selfie after brawl with Australia

Following their all-in brawl against Australia last night, the Philippines' basketball side are coming under fire, appearing to pose for a selfie on court after the incident that saw 13 players ejected.

Late in the third quarter, Australia and the Philippines' players came together in an ugly clash, with fists and chairs among the objects thrown between the two sides.

However, the actions of the Philippines afterwards have left many stunned, as the group came together to pose for a photo, apparently in celebration of their achievement.

Bastketball fans and commentators on social media were rapid in their condemnation of the incident.

"The generation that we live in: you get your ass kicked by 31 in a #FIBA basketball game that ends in the third quarter because your entire team got ejected for fighting. And you pause afterward to take a selfie?" ESPN's Jerry Bembry wrote.

Courier Mail's Greg Davis mirrored the sentiments.

"Some absolute garbage coming out of the Philippines after the brawl. No way you can justify the behaviour of their players and officials. It was disgraceful. You should be kicked out of the #FIBAWC rounds. And how about that selfie????? Shocking."

Australian sports commentator Chris Robinson also broke down the incident.

"Digesting the Boomers madness. Plenty you can’t excuse: The initial cheap shot, Kickert’s extreme response, the home arena pack mentality in the brawl, the selfie, the fact the game continued. FIBA response must be firm."

Basketball's governing body FIBA have opened disciplinary proceedings against both sides.

Philippines' basketballers take a selfie after their brawl with Australia
Philippines' basketballers take a selfie after their brawl with Australia Source: Fox Sports Australia

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