NBL superfan gearing up for grand finale after perfect season attendance

We all know sports fans who say they've never missed a game, but for Aucklander and basketball fanatic Beatrix Loos, that claim is no hollow boast.

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Beatrix Loos will attend her 58th match of the season in tonight’s NBL final. Source: 1 NEWS

In an incredible feat of endurance, Loos has sat courtside for every minute of this season's New Zealand NBL.

Her love for basketball started more than a decade ago with a spur of the moment decision to catch a Breakers game. Her son Lucas became a fan of the sport, and Loos followed suit.

"You are so close to the players and hear the things you are not supposed to hear and I am happy watching from a distance and seeing the smiles, especially the older players," she told 1 NEWS.

"They put the basketball in and its still like the first time they did a shot."

Her commitment hasn't gone unnoticed, honoured by the NBL's general manager Justin Nelson in last Thursday's semi-finals.

"It's amazing," Nelson said.

"To be here as much as we have been here is amazing. She's been here more than the players, more than the coaches.

"What a fan, without the fans we wouldn't be able to do what we do, so I am grateful to all the fans but especailly to Beatrix.

"It is an amazing effort."

Loos was gifted a signed jersey by her favourite player, Mika Vukona, but simply turning up is reward enough.

"I didn't expect any reward for it because for me it is just a pleasure to watch."

Loos will tonight attend her 58th and final match of the season, courtside for the NBL final as the Otago Nuggets take on the Manawatu Jets.