NBA star Patty Mills shares experiences with racism in Australia

San Antonio Spurs star, Patty Mills has spoken on his experience with racism growing up in Australia, days after pledging to donate the rest of his 2019-20 season salary to various Australian charities.

The 31 year-old point guard is of Torres Strait Islander and Australian Aboriginal heritage, and candidly spoke on ESPN's Sportscenter today about the racism he and his family endured in Australia.

"I went through a lot of trauma and situations, and thats just me personally - not even going into what my parents went through and what my family went through," Mills told ESPN.

"I managed to build a shield to be able to able to deflect anything that comes. I have heard and been through everything under the sun."

The one-time AFL prospect also shared the story of indigenous footballer, Adam Goodes, who entered an early retirement after speaking out against the racism he endured on the Aussie Rules pitch.

"Adam Goodes, he was the Lebron James of the AFL and he had to step away from the game mid season, because of the sporting environment he loved so much was not safe for him because of racism and he ended up having to retire early because of it.

"You actually have black athletes in the AFL who are terrified to speak up and fight for themselves, because their career would be in jeopardy if they do."

Amid the protests and debate taking place around the world in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, Mills stated on Thursday that he would donate NZ$1.55 million to charities in Australia pushing for racial equality.

"I've made the decision to go to Orlando and I'm proud to say that I'm taking every cent earned from these eight games that we're playing, which for me will turn out to be $1,017,818.54, and donating that directly back to Black Lives Matter Australia, Blacks Deaths in Custody and a recent campaign that's called the We Got You campaign dedicated to ending racism in sport in Australia," Mills said.