Mascot jumps on male-romper trend bandwagon after stripping down before NBA playoff game




The mascot for the San Antonio Spurs donned an interesting outfit in a strip routine during the team's NBA play off match against the Golden State Warriors.

The clip of the mascot 'Coyote' stripping off down to the romper, also known as a play suit, was posted to Twitter yesterday during Game Three of the NBA Conference Finals between the Spurs against the Warriors, which the Spurs lost 120-108 in Texas.

The strip routine comes after a kickstarter was launched as part of a spoof 'fashion revolution'. 

The mascot ripped off a tracksuit to reveal the denim RompHim, the male version of the romper. 

A security guard standing next to Coyote struggled to keep a straight face. 

The romper outfit gained popularity after the RompHim fundraiser was launched, already with more than NZD$500k pledged to get the colourful outfits created. 

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