Lincoln's three-on-three basketball sides to take on the world's best

In the fast paced world of three-on-three basketball, every shot counts.

The men's and women's teams will head to China next week for the World University Championships. Source: 1 NEWS

Lincoln University's men's and women's teams will both travel to China next week, having taken the New Zealand national titles to advance to the World University Championships.

The game itself can be compared to shortened formats of other sports, like Twenty20 cricket and Sevens rugby, seeing the traditional team of five reduced by two.

Each game is 10 minutes long, with a 12 second shot clock, only one substitute, and no timeouts - making fitness key.

"You play more games a day, rather than 5x5 where you have a game a day," Lincoln men's captain James Cawthorn told 1 NEWS.

"We played nine games at the nationals. Just a lot more cardio."

The increasing popularity has led to calls that three-on-three should push for inclusion in the Olympic Games.

"The Olympics would be any kid's dream. To get there would be pretty unreal."