Kiwi fans lap up Steven Adams' 'Kiwi as' style, complete with Whittaker's chocolate and snakes

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams returned to the court in style yesterday, turning heads with his pre-game get up and impressing with his on-court performance. 

Steven Adams arriving at the Smoothie King Centre in New Orleans. Source: Twitter/PelicansNBA

Missing one game due to calf tightness, Adams slipped back into the lineup seamlessly, picking up a double double (11 points, 13 rebounds) in the Pelicans' 123-101 win over the Phoenix Suns. 

His performance wasn't the only talking point however, with basketball fans noticing his trademark no-frills pre-game outfit along with his haul of Kiwi confectionery.

In an image posted to the Pelicans' Twitter page, Adams could be seen sporting a loose fitting t-shirt, shorts and slides while carrying a block of Whittaker's chocolate and other distinctly down-under treats. 

One Twitter user said "@RealStevenAdams I see that block of @WhittakersNZ Almond Gold chocolate and that young bag of @NaturalCo jelly snakes, you ain't slick bro"

Another said, "Rocking up with Whittakers Chocolate, Natural Confectionery Co Gummy Snakes and special occasion Jandals. Kiwi as."