'Don't want to lose my job': Steven Adams dishes on three-pointers & being 'awkward Kiwi guy'

Oklahoma City Thunder star Steven Adams kept reporters entertained as per usual with his classic one liners during a press conference today.

But he refrained from revealing entirely whether he would add three-pointers to his game this season.

A reporter questioned Adams on whether he would finally attempt a three-pointer in the NBA this season, after a number of videos on social media showed the Kiwi centre sinking shots from behind the arc in training.

"Shoot a three? No, absolutely not," said Adams.

"Maybe preseason, I've got to see mate - don't want to lose my job. It's tough."

The 25-year-old went on to describe himself as an ordinary, awkward New Zealander to another reporter.

"You can just say I'm a Kiwi guy, awkward Kiwi guy, keep it simple."

The Thunder begin their 2018/2019 NBA pre-season at home next month on October 4, against the Detroit Pistons.