'I don't feel a great sense of loyalty to Basketball New Zealand' - Steven Adams reveals reason behind continued Tall Blacks snub

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams has spoken about his continually delayed appearances for New Zealand at the international level, having yet to make his Tall Blacks debut.

Adams, 25, is by far and away New Zealand's most high profile basketballer, having represented the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA since 2013.

However, for numerous reasons, the Kiwi star is yet to don the black singlet.

In his book 'My Life, My Fight', Adams reveals that experiences in his youth with the New Zealand basketball setup have resulted in little to no affiliation between the two, with the current superstar unable to financially bear the load of representing his country in his younger days.

"It probably doesn't help that I don't feel a great sense of loyalty to Basketball New Zealand," Adams said.

"Some might expect me to be the Basketball New Zealand poster child, but I did the opposite of rising through the ranks of the junior national teams.

"Being in a national team is far too expensive for most kids - me included.

"I was obviously good enough - a national MVP should be able to make the junior national team - but I couldn't afford it.

"I knew of players who went on every trip, at least once a year, because their parents could easily afford to pay for each tournament.

"But there were a lot of players, most of them brown, some of them the best in the country, who never once represented New Zealand because they couldn't afford to trial, let along to fly overseas."

Adams also said that he does intend to represent the Tall Blacks in the future.

"Today, no. Some day, yes."

"I like what the current Tall Blacks coach, Paul Henare, has been doing with the team and I would love to play for him at some point, but I need to be ready."

Steven Adams. Source: Photosport

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