David Seymour joins list of politicians playing sport horribly during Breakers charity training

Shooters in basketball often talk about the importance of rhythm in the pursuit of that perfect shot.

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It’s fair to say, the ACT leader’s political skills don’t transfer to the basketball court. Source: 1 NEWS

So, it’s no wonder ACT leader David Seymour struggled to sink any buckets today during a training session with the Breakers ahead of his appearance in a charity basketball game later this month.

Be it politics, dancing or shooting some hoops, Seymour’s enthusiasm cannot be questioned, but as his stint in Dancing with the Stars showed, rhythm is not exactly a strength.

Video from the practise session shows Seymour, who trained alongside former All Black Carlos Spencer and motorsport great Greg Murphy, using a more-than questionable jump shot.

He was maybe a tad overambitious in jacking up his first shots from the three-point line before moving closer to the hoop, though that didn’t help as his shots continually bounced off the rim.

Finally, he made a shot from back at the three-point line and rightfully celebrated loudly.

While his shooting was outright bad, Seymour’s energy earned him some praise from Breakers captain Tom Abercrombie.

“He’s charging around like it’s game time already,” Abercrombie said of Seymour.

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Kiwis coach David Kidwell gave some advice to the Prime Minister after the handling error. Source: 1 NEWS

Seymour joins a proud tradition of politicians playing sport badly, including former PM Bill English dropping the rugby league ball, and former Australian prime minister John Howard’s infamous attempt at cricket.

Politicians aren’t all completely hopeless on the sporting front though, with Barack Obama impressing some of the NBA’s greats over the weekend with his basketball jump shot.

Former US President Barack Obama drains three-pointer

Seymour has the last laugh though, after his "nothing but net" election campaign as leader of the ACT Party, which won 10 seats in Parliament.