'Corey has let himself and the club down' - Breakers suspend Webster not over alleged assault, but 'breaching club values'




Corey Webster has been suspended by the Breakers following his arrest on Tuesday night for an alleged minor assault in Takapuna, but the club is emphasising the suspension is not over the charge laid against him.

Dillon Boucher says the troubled NLB star isn’t being suspended for the charges currently against him.
Source: 1 NEWS

Breakers General Manager Dillon Boucher told media at a press conference today the club supported Webster's plea of innocence and were instead suspending him for breaching club values.

"The club has done its best to investigate what occurred and to gather as much information as we can, we have done little else over the past 24 hours," he said.

"However, the club has found reason to suspend Corey for his actions, not for the charge alleged by the police that he maintains innocence from - that is for the courts to decide, but in his breach of our team and club values, totally separate to and having no bearing on the alleged assault charge."

Boucher said Webster had not communicated with the club about the incident.

"You will know that amongst our values at this club are honesty and courage, in our view Corey has let himself, his team mates and the club down in the way in which he has handled the situation."

Webster's suspension means he will be stood down for tomorrow night's home clash against the Illawarra Hawks.

'The NBL has been in close consultation with the NZ Breakers'

The NBL has also handed Webster a $500 fine with no match suspension after finding him guilty for "unreasonable contact with the face" during the Breakers' game against the Cairns Taipans.

The charge was classified in accordance with the NBL Tribunal Guidelines as "careless, medium impact and high contact" and carried a base penalty of one game suspension, but Webster's early guilty plea saw the suspension removed.

The NBL also said in a statement they were aware of the incident from Tuesday night but were not willing to comment.

"The NBL has been in close consultation with the NZ Breakers in relation to the matter and will assist the Club, NZ Police and NZ court system along with Corey Webster,who maintains his innocence, and allow due process to play out."

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