Breakers 'willing to do anything' to play in NBL but hope they're 'never in a position' like Warriors

Breakers captain Tom Abercrombie said his team would be willing to do anything to play in the NBL in these uncertain sporting times but he admitted they hope to avoid a long-term stay in Australia like the Warriors.

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Covid-19 could affect the NBL season like it has the NRL but Tom Abercrombie is hoping it'll be minimal. Source: 1 NEWS

Abercrombie spoke to media today about the team's off-season and how they were dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen many sporting leagues around the world suspended due to travel restrictions and player safety.

"The great thing for us is this thing struck at a time where we're not having to make drastic changes straight away," Abercrombie said about the NBL season.

"The powers at be do have a bit of time to prepare for different scenarios and I know they have been.

"Whenever the season does happen, I'm sure they will have done the necessary planning to be ready for that and I'm obviously hopeful it happens sooner rather than later but I want it to happen as normal as possible as well."

One league that didn't have such a luxury was fellow Australian competition the NRL, which is looking to restart this weekend after suspending its season in March.

During its time off, the league has had to restructure the competition in a shortened format and find a way to conduct it safely within the Australian government's Covid-19 restrictions, and do so in a way that all the teams buy into the cause.

The biggest challenge, though: getting the New Zealand-based Warriors across the ditch and based in Australia - a situation the Breakers could find themselves in if the NBL is forced to follow a similar competition-bubble mindset like the NRL.

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The squad this afternoon departed for Tamworth, albeit with two exceptions. Source: 1 NEWS

When asked whether the Breakers had been tracking what the Warriors are doing in case they faced the same situation later this year when the NBL tips off, Abercrombie said there was a light interest.

"I've been keeping some tabs on them and they've obviously been doing it tough," Abercrombie said.

"They're in a position we hope we'd never have to be... but I'm sure they're happy they're back together now and getting ready to play again.

"Us, as a club and a league, will be prepared for all scenarios and maybe it is something we have to do at some point but hopefully it's not."

Abercrombie added the team had spoken to each other about a potential relocation.

"I think the guys would be willing to do that if we have to," he said.

"This is our job. We want to play at the end of the day, and we want to go out there and compete for a championship."