Breakers' US recruit Glen Rice Jnr arrested after alleged assault earlier this week

New Zealand Breakers recruit Glen Rice Junior has been arrested after an incident in the early hours of Thursday morning at an Auckland bar.

Glen Rice Jnr. Source: Photosport

It is understood by 1 NEWS that he was arrested over an alleged assault with intent to injure.

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Breakers boss Matt Walsh confirmed to 1 NEWS that the club’s star import was involved an incident in the early hours of Thursday morning. Source: 1 NEWS

The alleged incident occurred just 10 days after the former NBA player signed with the Breakers.

Breakers chief executive Matt Walsh has confirmed the arrest.

“Glen alerted us to an incident the other night that he was out and got into a scuffle with some guys, he told us and we're aware of it, we're trying to get information,” Walsh told 1 NEWS.

“Like anyone on the team we'll give him the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty. I don't have much more information than you I imagine.”

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Shooting guard Glen Rice Jr joins after being sacked by his former side. Source: 1 NEWS

When he signed for the Breakers, Rice told 1 NEWS he was hoping to put his chequered past behind him with coach Dan Shamir admitting it was a gamble.

The shooting guard has travelled with team and is expected to play against Perth tomorrow.