Breakers star Corey Webster details gruesome finger injury involving avocado and knife

Breakers star Corey Webster is set to miss the start of the NBL season after an accident in the kitchen, although he's managed to see the funny side of the incident.

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The Breakers star is set to miss the first two games of the Breakers' season after slicing a nerve in his hand. Source: Supplied

Webster will likely miss the Breakers' first two matches of the season after needing surgery on his non-shooting hand, after slicing a nerve in his finger while trying to cut an avocado with a knife.

After his usual technique to remove the pip didn't work, Webster tried another method.

It went horribly wrong.

"It wasn't working so I decided to just stab it in and it just went all the way through," he said.

"I've severed the nerve that leads down this ring finger, so I've got no feeling on the inside. I've got feeling on this side [the outside of the finger], though, and it's getting tingly up here [fingertip] so I'm taking that as a good sign and the nerves are starting to grow back."

Webster joked his cooking skills should be apparent from the accident.

"I'm no Gordon Ramsay, obviously."

He added the hotel staff where the team is staying also appeared to see the funny side of the situation, albeit in an odd way.

"When I got back from the hospital after surgery, the cleaners had cleaned up my room but they left the avocado on the bench with the knife in it and all the blood still on the avocado.

"I'm not sure why? Maybe just for me to reminisce on that. It was pretty funny, though."

Webster's injury would likely see him miss the first two games, if the January 15 season start date continues without interruption despite Australia's current issues with Covid-19.