Breakers reunited with family for first time in six months upon return from Australia

The Breakers have finally returned home today, reuniting with family and friends upon touching down in Auckland this afternoon.

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The Breakers were finally able to be with family and friends again, after spending six months across the ditch. Source: 1 NEWS

It has been six months since the team were last on New Zealand soil, players and staff excited and relieved to see their loved ones in the flesh rather than through a screen.

"FaceTime is a godsend but it's not a replacement for the real thing," skipper Tom Abercrombie told 1 NEWS.

"It's been a long slog but I can't thank my wife enough for looking after all of them [their children]."

Since departing for Australia in November, the Breakers have struggled in the NBL, winning just nine of 29 games, while living out of suitcases, bouncing from city to city, hotel to hotel.

"It obviously plays a huge part in performance on court," Corey Webster said.

"You dont get to get away from the game, you dont get to come home, you dont get to see your family, you don't get to play in front of your own fans, you don't get to wake up in your own bed."

But that now changes. The Breakers have seven games on Kiwi soil to try and turn around their disappointing season.

The team have today and tomorrow off before getting straight back into training.

Hopefully that will be enough time for import Colton Iverson to explore his new home, having only just arrived in the country he had expected to have already spent six months in.

"It looked very beautiful when we were flying in, I'm excited to be here," Iverson said, saying he was looking forward to checking out the beaches and the landscapes around the country.