Breakers reject suggestions of culture issue after police called to airport following player's rowdy flight

The Breakers are rejecting suggestions of a culture problem after Tom Vodanovich became the latest player caught up in off-court antics.

Tom Vodanovich. Source: Photosport

The international forward has spoken to 1 NEWS, apologising for rowdy behaviour on the flight back from Perth that prompted a police presence when they arrived at Auckland Airport.

"(I) Was trying to get a good night sleep, had a few beers with the meal and whatnot, took a sleeping pill in the hope I'd get a good rest,” Vodanovich said.

Instead, the mix of alcohol and sleeping pills led to bad behaviour on the overnight flight home to Auckland.

"Just being loud and I guess keeping people around me awake, annoying the hostess I can imagine, just not being quiet,” he said.

"How sorry I am, it's the last thing I want to do is bring a bad name on me or this club. This club's done so much for me and the times that we're having at the moment, it's just not an ideal situation getting publicity for the wrong reasons and we just want to win games."

Vodanovich will face some form of punishment, likely a fine after a week dominated by the club's off-court antics.

Glen Rice Junior was arrested early on Thursday morning for an alleged assault, but 1 NEWS has learned the club didn't notify the league until two days later on Saturday evening before we broke the story.

Rice had travelled with the team and was expected to feature before being stood down by the NBL.

Coach Dan Shamir rejected suggestions of a culture problem at the Breakers.

"We are in a process of change and build, obviously it's not an excuse, things that happen - and we're open about it - that shouldn't happen, we make it very clear it shouldn't happen,” Shamir said.

"I know we are being doubted right now by a lot of people, and it's normal, I'm used to that, my job wherever I am is to be doubted all the time."

Stopping a four-game losing streak against Adelaide on Sunday would be a good place to start turning around those doubters.