Breakers admit atmosphere at season-opener was lacking, acknowledge fans’ concerns - ‘We were disappointed’

The Breakers are listening to fans' concerns over a poor gameday experience in last night's NBL opening defeat to the Brisbane Bullets, former player and now general manager Dillon Boucher says.

As the Breakers slumped to an 86-73 loss to the Bullets, their first game under new ownership, fans have been quick to express their outrage at the changes in the game day experience at Spark Arena, with a subdued atmosphere noticeable both on the televised broadcast, as well as to those in attendance.

Speaking to 1 NEWS today, Boucher says that last night's match shouldn't serve as a deterrent for fans returning for future matches, and that their concerns are being taken seriously.

"I feel like we've set a very high bar, a very high standard of what we expect game nights to be," he began.

"We were disappointed at the execution of our game night last night, we won't sugarcoat that. We've had a lot of teething problems.

"We take all of our feedback seriously, and we'll be making sure that come next Sunday we've rectified a lot of the things that people have identified - that we have already identified ourselves."

Boucher also urged patience from the fans, with some on social media suggesting they want refunds on their season tickets.

"Just because one game night is not up to scratch, I expect those people to stick by us and support us - and I know our loyal supporters will."

"We want the crowd to be involved, and the participation to be involved.

"We had a lot of moving pieces last night, that over time, those things can be lost in translation. We've got a big debrief today, that we'll identify the areas we need to improve on.

"Each person will have a responsibility to make sure that area ticks over better.

"It will definitely be better come Sunday."

The Breakers' next home game comes against the Sydney Kings on October 21.

Boucher says there were "a lot of teething problems" in the season opener. Source: 1 NEWS

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