Big names missing as Kiwis put themselves forward for NBL draft

The new look NBL is expected to announce its global broadcast deal tomorrow, putting the world's eyes firmly on New Zealand.

However, despite over 200 players having already put their names forward for the draft, the Breakers won't be involved.

In their place, the likes of college star Jack Salt and Jayden Boucher, son of Breakers great Dillon, will put themselves forward for selection.

For Breakers captain Tom Abercrombie though, the hope of seeing New Zealand's best put on the world stage is reason to be excited.

"I know they're speaking about putting games on for a global audience," Abercrombie told media.

"So there's an opportunity there for guys who do want to play.

"I hope the majority of Tall Blacks and things do put their hands up to play. Ultimately the better calibre players the better basketball for us all to watch."

Also missing from the list are Tall Blacks Isaac Fotu and Tai Webster, both of whom have had to return from playing in Europe due to Covid-19.

The star pair themselves are now ideal targets for the Breakers ahead of any resumption with the Australian NBL.

"We'd be excited to have them just for one year and do something nice together," coach Dan Shamir says.

"Personally, I also know it will work out for them and they will get better it will add a dimension to their game and help their career."

If and when the NBL does return, the Breakers could be forced into a Warriors-style Australian relocation.

"Obviously it would be less than ideal for us family wise and being away from home, but we want to play sport and it's our job to do that," Rob Loe says.