With no access to microwaves and Uber Eats, eating in space is pretty much a high-tech camping trip.
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view of the milky way in namibia
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Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, right, is greeted by community leader Pua Case during a visit to the protest site blocking the construction of the TMT telescope on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, at the base of Mauna Kea on Hawaii Island. (Jamm Aquino/Honolulu Star-Advertiser via AP)
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson visits Hawaiians protesting construction of giant telescope
Dozens report meteor zipping across North Island
The successful launch lifted off yesterday in Sriharikota, southern India.
India launches spacecraft to explore water deposits on moon
We take a look back at how the moon landing was broadcast in New Zealand in 1969.
Neil Armstrong's moon landing heralded revolution in television viewing for New Zealanders
Mr Cunningham’s mission paved the way for the USA’s historic moon landing in 1969.
Former NASA astronaut Walt Cunningham talks about his time at the space agency
Hammond Pearce and Rose Swears are near completion of their 10-week internship.
'The work here is absolutely inspiring' - Kiwi interns share experience working at NASA
Our space pioneers are short of staff across a range of trades.
Space pioneers wanted: Rocket Lab short of staff
Japanese spacecraft lands on asteroid to collect samples
The multi-million dollar tourist attraction is now open.
Take a tour of the Dark Sky Project's observatory on Lake Tekapo
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NZSA's new satellite tracking tool
NZ Space Agency launches new tool to track satellites, combat space debris
Four Kiwi university students accepted into international NASA internship programme
First black hole image proves New Zealand mathematician's work to be true
NASA-funded experiment perplexes Norway locals, one said it looked like an 'alien attack'
Thirteen small satellites were launched from the Māhia peninsula last night.
Watch: Rocket Lab launches rocket into space from Māhia Peninsula site
The biggest and brightest super moon of the year illuminated the sky this week.
What's so super about a Super Moon, anyway?
The super snow moon is seen from Mount Maunganui.
Super Snow Moon lights up night sky above Aotearoa
NASA says goodbye to 'Oppy', lost in a Martian dust storm after 14 years on the job
The Chang'e-4 probe took 12 minutes to descend onto the moon's surface earlier this month.
Watch: First images of far side of the moon released by China's national space agency after historic probe landing
The spectacular galactic display is caused by debris produced by a comet as it passes near earth.
Astronomer says fireball sighted soaring across NZ skies the brightest he's seen
Stunning image of Mars' surface shows 82km-wide crater covered in ice
The Mackenzie Country has one of the best night skies in the world.
Ex-cop carrying out painstaking restoration of famous telescope in the Mackenzie Country
View from space: Black hole in the nebula
Aliens among us? Earth may have already been visited, or is currently an ET hotspot, NASA scientist suggests
Rocket Lab launches first rocket carrying only commercial satellites from Mahia Peninsula
As NASA’s Orion space programme preps to take humans into deep space in 2023, a small Kiwi company is playing its part.
From Otago to outer space, Kiwi sheep could hold key to keeping astronauts safe
If successful, the recognition will provide the island's tourism industry with a welcome winter boost.
Stewart Island applies to be a 'dark sky sanctuary', a haven for star-gazers
The eclipsed moon will appear a deep red during the celestial event which will be visible in southern parts of the country.
Fake 'moon' using huge space mirror could be launched over China by 2020