Elon Musk reveals plans for 'symbiosis with artificial intelligence', teasing human trials for Neuralink brain chip
This July 1969 photo provided by NASA shows launch controllers in the firing room at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida during the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. In the third row from foreground at center is JoAnn Morgan, the first female launch controller. "I was there. I wasn't going anywhere. I had a real passion for it," Morgan said in a July 2019 interview. "Finally, 99 percent of them accepted that 'JoAnn's here and we're stuck with her.' " (NASA via AP)
As 50th anniversary of moon landing nears, those who laboured behind the scenes honoured
The twins from Pakistan were born joined at the head.
British surgeons perform mammoth surgery on twins joined at the head
Hammond Pearce and Rose Swears are near completion of their 10-week internship.
'The work here is absolutely inspiring' - Kiwi interns share experience working at NASA
A Russian Proton-M rocket takes off from the launch pad at Russia's space facility in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. A Russian Proton-M rocket successfully delivered a cutting-edge space telescope into orbit Saturday after days of launch delays
Russia launches major new telescope into space after days of delays
This June 18, 2019 photo provided by the Cleveland Clinic shows the newborn girl born from a woman who received the hospital's first uterus transplant. Uterine transplants have enabled more than a dozen women to give birth. (Stephen Travarca/Cleveland Clinic via AP)
In US first, baby is born from dead donor's transplanted womb
Microbes in a sheep’s stomach that increase methane production have been identified by Kiwi scientists.
New Zealand scientists lead the way to global breakthrough in methane reduction
The rare total eclipse of the sun began to darken the heavens over northern Chile this morning.
'We've all been waiting so eagerly' - Chileans and Argentines gape at total solar eclipse
Canterbury University Associate Professor and Biotechnologist David Leung.
Kiwi biotechnologist working on safe, non-toxic coating to protect foods
NZSA's new satellite tracking tool
NZ Space Agency launches new tool to track satellites, combat space debris
ESR scientist, Dr Olga Pantos says the study is “vitally important”.
'Vitally important' work on impact of microplastics in Lyttelton Harbour underway
Gene editing is a type of genetic modification which is claimed to be able to help solve big environmental problems.
NZ will fall behind unless archaic gene editing law is updated, scientists say
Listen: Scientists record singing by rare whale for first time
The vaccination rate has stayed in the low 90 per cent, rather than hitting the targeted 95 per cent.
Anti-vaxxer movement contributing to New Zealand's immunisation target failure - Health Minister
Government investing almost $5 million into cutting edge cancer treatment research
Some of the money will be spend on three new buildings.
Callaghan Innovation's Lower Hutt facility gets $75 million taxpayer funded upgrade
Canberra forensics lab helps solve some of Australia's most complex crimes
Named the maungatua stonefly, it was found living in only a few hundred metres of sub-alpine habitat.
New species of insect discovered near Dunedin
With only 40 left, DOC were surprised to see eggs in nests this season.
Up to 90% of northern New Zealand seabirds at risk of extinction, report reveals
Dr Goodall rose to fame in the 60s with her groundbreaking study of chimpanzees.
Scientist Dr Jane Goodall urges greater respect for animals during NZ visit
Four Kiwi university students accepted into international NASA internship programme
The fossil, believed to be more than 1 million years old was found in the Kyeburn River.
Kyeburn resident finds first moa footprints in the South Island
Mapping of the lake’s depths could provide life-saving information about natural hazards.
Scientists map Lake Wakatipu to help understand landslide, tsunami risk
New therapy could prove vital as concerns about resistance to antibiotics grows
Tristan Pang graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Science degree.
Meet one of NZ's youngest ever university graduates
The director Brother Guy J. Consolmagno of the Vatican’s observatory is touring New Zealand.
'Science is an act of worship' – Vatican's observatory director on faith and science
Slow-slip earthquake pushes North Island's East Coast centimetres to the east
The haast eagle was recreated from bones found over the years.
NZ’s largest predator painstakingly recreated, 600 years after extinction
First black hole image proves New Zealand mathematician's work to be true
Numbers of the native bird have dropped from 1000 to 200 in 30 years.
Mysterious native bird probed for secrets of long distance flight