Cattle Cow Farm in New Zealand. You can even see sheep on the typical green hills in back.

Heat-resistant cows and pigs that don't reach puberty in company's farm animal gene editing plans

A company wants to alter farm animals by adding and subtracting genetic traits in a lab.

NZ’ s first ever Makers Fair bringing creative minds together in the capital.

Drone racing and robot fighting on show in Wellington

NZ’s first ever Makers Faire bringing creative minds together in the capital.

We were the first nation to do away with multiple timezones across the country.

In-time for 150 years, New Zealand marks a moment in history

It was a world first to make time the same across the country.

Originally designed to diagnose animals, the kiwi tech could change how we treat the common gut infection.

New Dunedin technology is changing the way we treat intestinal worms

Mass treatment plans could be ended if doctors can correctly identify infected patients.

Mice being used in scientific research.

Kiwi animal rights groups looking for new homes for lab mice

Two groups have started a campaign to find new homes for animals used in lab experiments.

Five skeletons discovered from Italian eruption in 79 AD

The remains are believed to be two women and three children found inside a house.

A mako shark is tagged in New Caledonia, left, and the tag device, right.

Scientists excited to get shark tag back after it was found by trekker on NZ beach

The device was attached to the shark in May last year, and the shark looks to have swum from New Caledonia.

1 NEWS’ Joy Reid spoke with Professor Hawking’s daughter about her father’s final message.

Stephen Hawking, in message from beyond the grave, warns science, education are under threat around the world

The words of the scientist, who died in March at 76, were broadcast at a London launch event for his final book, Brief Answers To The Big Questions.

Child with phone (file picture).

Limiting children's screen time is linked to better cognition, study finds

The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health study included 4,500 US children aged 8 to 11.

Vorombe Titan, roaming the Madagascan island 500,000 to 1 million years ago.

Extinct cousin of the kiwi thought to be biggest bird to have roamed the earth

Vorombe Titan once roamed the African island of Madagascar.

ecstasy being handed over at a house party..

Octopuses given ecstasy become more social and try to hug each other, new study finds

Scientists say the way they behave on the drug may give insights into how their social behaviour has evolved.

Researchers tested the 15-year-old children of teens who were studied in the 1980s, researcher Helena McAnally explained to Breakfast.

Disturbing new study finds Kiwi teens are fatter and less fit than their parents

The girls were 25 per cent less fit than their mums were at the same age, while boys were 15 per cent less fit.

Johann Hari, who spent several years researching drug use, addiction and treatment for his book, says we’ve misunderstood addiction.

New Zealand should legalise drugs, treat addiction with 'compassion and love' as they have in Portugal, says researcher

Journalist Johann Hari spent several years researching addiction for his book, Chasing the Scream and is currently in New Zealand.

They’ve been seen swimming up a town culvert near Nelson to see if conservation efforts are working

Fluorescent whitebait unleashed near Nelson in native fish conservation effort

Nearly 75 per cent of NZ freshwater fish species are in decline.

This road damage was caused by the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that occurred near Christchurch, New Zealand on 4 September 2010. Through the failure of the road, it shows the fragility of built infrastructure that we depend upon every day. What would happen if your business was unable to ship its products due to damaged road networks? How resilient would you be to  an earthquake?

'Megaquake' tipped on Alpine Fault in lifetime of many New Zealanders alive today

The Alpine Fault runs for 800 kilometres from the Marlborough Sounds to Milford Sound.

Consuming the high-quality protein found in lean meat and dairy is important to promote growth in children and reduce the loss of muscle mass in adults, a US professor of nutrition has said.

It is 'possible but difficult' to have well-balanced diet from plant-based food only, expert says

Dairy critical for children while lean meant reduces muscle loss in adults.

It’s just one of the incredible revelations in new series The Curious Mind, coming to TVNZ.

Watch: Nigel Latta on curing fear in a matter of minutes by harnessing the power of your brain

It's just one of the revelations in his new TVNZ series, The Curious Mind.

The processed product could be a boost for flagging wool exports, and a rich source of protein.

Scientists discover new use for sheep wool – cat food

The processed product could be a boost for flagging wool exports, and a rich source of protein.

Fossilised teeth of huge shark discovered in Australia

Two other sets have previously been unearthed in New Zealand and Belgium

Experts have written to Jacinda Ardern concerned with the museum’s capacity to care for its collections.

Damaging mould found on world class whale bone collection stored at Te Papa

The museum is now investigating how over 400 bones became mouldy – that's more than 20 per cent of the collection.

A lake of salty water appears to be buried deep in the red planet.

Watch: Man's search for water on Mars illustrated in 3D model

A lake of salty water appears to be buried deep in the red planet.

Dutch Viagra trial on pregnant women urgently stopped after 11 babies die

A similar trial in NZ found no harm from the drugs, but no benefit either.

Scientists are matching the flesh to the fruit’s skin, and increasing its nutritional value.

Meet the Kiwi scientists 'colouring in' fruit to help increase its nutritional value

Scientists are matching the flesh to the fruit’s skin, and the benefits could be huge.

stray mongrel dog

MPI says it supports rehoming of lab animals, instead of euthanasia

MPI said it supports organisations considering rehoming instead of euthanasia.

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