The New York Times obtained the footage, in which the pilots can be heard trying to understand what they are seeing.

Video: Fighter pilots observe UFO in newly-obtained US Navy footage - 'There's a whole fleet of them'

The New York Times has lifted the lid on a clandestine US program which investigates UFO reports.

Te Papa vertebrate curator Alan Tennyson says New Zealand is already famous for giant birds and this identification adds to that reputation.

Scientists discover fossil of colossal human-size penguin in New Zealand

The penguin - called kumimanu - would have been taller than a man and weigh about 100kg.

Timelapse video of Tonga island's creation helping scientists gain better understanding of Mars

The volcanic island exploded out of the Pacific Ocean in 2015 and the video shows how its shape has evolved.

The supermoon shone 30 per cent brighter than the moon on an ordinary night.

Trump wants to send man back to moon, on to Mars

The US president has taken several steps to refocus NASA's mission on space exploration.

Rocket Lab successfully launched the rocket into space today after a long period of waiting.

Rocket Lab to re-attempt launch today after space traffic halted attempt

If the Electron successfully makes it to orbit, it will release three small satellites into orbit.

Rocket Lab today launched NZ’s most significant foray into space.

Rocket Lab's launch from Mahia Peninsula 'scrubbed for today'

The company carried out its first test launch in May, as part of its Electron test programme.

medical marijuana concept

Scientists call on US to allow research on cannabis meds for pets

People anxious to relieve suffering in their pets are increasingly turning to products that a non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

Scientists have spent 20 years excavating and preparing the fossilised remains.

Rare skeleton shown of human ancestor, 3.6 million years old unveiled

It took 20 years to excavate, clean, reconstruct and analyse the fragile artefact.

DOC says the new technology could result in a pest-free mainland.

NZ playing key role in US military's research into controlling rats

The study would see rat DNA being "edited" to control breeding.


First baby from a uterus transplant in the US born in Texas

A woman who had been born without a uterus gave birth to the baby .

Michael Holland visits the Kiwi company whose reputation is going in the same direction as their rockets.

Rocket Lab schedules second NZ launch

New Zealand-based space company will carry out the launch by the end of the year.

The block of ice is 350m long and 280m wide.

Video: Huge chunk of ice breaks off glacier in Chile

Still photos of the detached iceberg show the large section referred to as the "western tongue".

Coral transplant brings hope for struggling Great Barrier Reef

Scientists have for the first time successfully transplanted coral larvae in areas damaged by cyclones and bleaching.

Expedition of scientists head to NZ's largest quake fault

The zone is believed to be capable of generating earthquakes over magnitude eight.

A group of scientists say taking antibiotics longer than necessary is adding to the problem of superbugs.

NZ study first in world to find common herbicides cause antibiotic resistance

The active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, was one identified, and is widely used on NZ parks and reserves.

New research led by a New Zealander could help tackle a currently –incurable disease.

The humble sheep could have ability to recognise familiar human faces

The NZ-led research could help tackle Huntington's disease.

The world's only alpine parrot is a focus of a new study which suggests their mischief helps them learn about the world.

'They are very similar to people' – study finds curious kea learn and solves problems

Their mischief helps them learn about the world, it's been found.

The plane left Christchurch for Scott Base early Friday morning.

A full year on ice ahead, as first flight of Antarctic research season touches down

The plane left Christchurch for Scott Base early Friday morning.

A popular tourist route along the North Kaikoura Coast is now a no exit road.

Kaikoura earthquake caused 'largest and most widespread episode of slow slip' seen in NZ

That slow slip caused a series of earthquakes in the North Island.

Chimpanzees can understand rules of rock, paper, scissors - Japanese scientists prove

The chimps' performances were comparable to a four-year-old child.

Researchers' groundbreaking gene-editing tool wins medical prize

Five researchers have been recognised for their work on gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 after winning the Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research on Tuesday.

It means new hope for families who live in fear of passing on diseases through the generations.

Gene editing could eradicate dozens of genetic diseases

For the first time, scientists have successfully repaired a faulty gene.

GNS Science is working with decades worth of data to develop an early warning system.

Early warning system for slips being developed

GNS Science is working with decades worth of data to develop an early warning system.

Issie Robertson has had paper published in the internationally acclaimed Journal of Medical Ethics.

Dunedin teen becomes first-ever high school student published in renowned medical journal

Editors of the Journal of Medical Ethics said Issie Robertson's paper was "well deserving of publishing".

University of Auckland’s Dr Nick Rattenbury talks about the significance of the Kepler telescope find and the chance of life on other planets.

NASA's most powerful telescope discovers 10 new 'earth like' planets outside our solar system

The number of planets with the potential to sustain life continues to grow.

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