The world's only alpine parrot is a focus of a new study which suggests their mischief helps them learn about the world.

'They are very similar to people' – study finds curious kea learn and solves problems

Their mischief helps them learn about the world, it's been found.

The plane left Christchurch for Scott Base early Friday morning.

A full year on ice ahead, as first flight of Antarctic research season touches down

The plane left Christchurch for Scott Base early Friday morning.

A popular tourist route along the North Kaikoura Coast is now a no exit road.

Kaikoura earthquake caused 'largest and most widespread episode of slow slip' seen in NZ

That slow slip caused a series of earthquakes in the North Island.

Chimpanzees can understand rules of rock, paper, scissors - Japanese scientists prove

The chimps' performances were comparable to a four-year-old child.

Researchers' groundbreaking gene-editing tool wins medical prize

Five researchers have been recognised for their work on gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 after winning the Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research on Tuesday.

It means new hope for families who live in fear of passing on diseases through the generations.

Gene editing could eradicate dozens of genetic diseases

For the first time, scientists have successfully repaired a faulty gene.

GNS Science is working with decades worth of data to develop an early warning system.

Early warning system for slips being developed

GNS Science is working with decades worth of data to develop an early warning system.

Issie Robertson has had paper published in the internationally acclaimed Journal of Medical Ethics.

Dunedin teen becomes first-ever high school student published in renowned medical journal

Editors of the Journal of Medical Ethics said Issie Robertson's paper was "well deserving of publishing".

University of Auckland’s Dr Nick Rattenbury talks about the significance of the Kepler telescope find and the chance of life on other planets.

NASA's most powerful telescope discovers 10 new 'earth like' planets outside our solar system

The number of planets with the potential to sustain life continues to grow.

'Allergy bullies' on the rise in schools, with kids hospitalised from spiked food

New study finds children with allergies are twice as likely to be bullied in school.

The students will be presenting the World Indigenous People's Conference on Education.

Students to spread wings on trip of a lifetime, leaving Dunedin for Canada for moth presentation

Four children from Te Kura Kaupapa Maori School will be presenting to the World Indigenous People's Conference on education.

Scientists have started surveying the seafloor using new 3D technology.

Full impact of Kaikoura earthquake uncovered by scientists with 3D technology

It's looking if there are potential new hazards for boaties.

Watch: Astronomy expert says beautiful green meteor over Gisborne night sky was 'reasonably large'

Dr Ian Griffin told 1 NEWS locals were very lucky to get such clear footage of the meteor last night.

Antarctic moss is growing faster due to increasing temperatures on the continent, new research shows.

Climate change could one day make Antarctica a forest again, research suggests

A new study of moss growth shows the impact climate change is having on the continent.

The phenomena hasn’t been seen in the area for 10 years.

Watch: Beautiful and rare 'dragon skin' ice forms on Antarctica's Ross Sea

The phenomena hasn’t been seen in the area for 10 years.

Pictures: NASA spacecraft completes first dive between the planet and its famous rings

Cassini skimmed 3,100 kilometres above Saturn's cloud tops, closer than ever before.

Watch: The moment NASA launches super pressure balloon from Wanaka

After seven failed attempts, NASA has succesfully launched a stadium sized balloon from Wanaka airport this morning.

Fish and chips may hold key to human DNA critical to development

Elephant sharks, which are commonly served in fish and chip shops around NZ, may explain origins of a form of DNA.

Video: Beauty of blue whales' Taranaki krill feeding-frenzy captured from the air

"Aerial observations of blue whales feeding on krill are rare," one of the researchers said.

Watch: Scientists first ever look at fabled LIVE giant shipworm, as it emerges from bone casing

Despite knowing of its existence for over 200 years, it had never been seen - until now.

Video: New Zealand shrouded in darkness in NASA's stunning global map of Earth at night

Europe and North America glisten on the map while only a faint shimmer of light can be seen in NZ.

View from space: Black hole in the nebula

NASA to reveal new discoveries in press conference - watch it LIVE

NASA says it will reveal new discoveries about 'ocean worlds in our solar system'.

Mike Thorpe heads to Nelson to find the secret behind the success.

The sexy secret behind hatchery-reared mussels which could add $200 million to our economy

Scientists developed a trick for the more modest mussels in a Nelson hatchery.

Scientists will begin testing wastewater from communities across New Zealand to find hotbeds of P, heroin, cocaine, ecstacy and bath salts.

Analysis of Auckland and Christchurch wastewater reveals traces of illicit substances

The tests look for methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, alpha PVP, MDMA.

Ground breaking research into effects of earthquakes come out on top at annual science awards.

New Zealanders scoop up a combined $1 million in PM's science prizes

The annual Prime Minister's Science Prizes are the country's most valuable science awards.

Lab-grown chicken and duck served for the first time at US tasting event

San Francisco-based startup Memphis Meats grew the poultry via stem cell.

Zespri is celebrating 20 years in the fruit trade, but is aiming to stay competitive by expanding what it grows.

Video: Heard the one about red kiwifruit? It could be New Zealand's next big thing

It's the next big thing, alongside a sweeter green kiwifruit.

Nick Smith says critics of his plan are using using junk science to try disprove it, but Marnie Prickett from Choose Clean Water NZ disagrees.

Minister hits back at water plan critics, says people are being 'pedantic and unreasonable'

The Government has pledged to make 90 per cent of NZ waterways swimmable by 2040.

Artefacts spanning hundreds and even thousands of years have been dug up during construction of London's newest Tube line.

Bones dug up in London Underground work an archaeologist's dream

Artefacts spanning thousands of years have been dug up during construction of London's newest Tube line.

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