Tom Dillane

A car park in Birkenhead is falling away with startling speed.

Raw video: Part of car park tumbles down bank as huge landslip forms on Auckland's North Shore

"We certainly weren't expecting the slip to be that big. I think this has caught everyone by surprise," 1 NEWS was told.

Prominent scientist Jacqueline Rowarth told farmers OECD nitrate figures put the river in the five cleanest worldwide.

Ratepayers dwarf farming industry by $93 million in funds given to clean up NZ's fresh water in 2017

Contributions to the Government's Freshwater Improvement Fund have been dominated by councils and iwi, while farmers lag far behind.

Timaru battered with more rain today than in typical July month, but no mass-evacuation yet

Civil defence is recommending residents in low lying areas self-evacuate if they feel at risk from floods.

Most of us use a plastic bag for just twelve minutes, and then never again - but they take decades to decompose.

Vast majority of NZ's mayors demand levy on single use plastic bags

Up to 90 per cent of Kiwi mayors want a levy introduced.

Raw: Chaotic footage as window washer struck by car in South Auckland

"I saw this chap fly through the air and land on the ground," a witness at the scene told 1 NEWS.

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