Tim Wilson
Ros Lug reckons hand writing is undervalued as technology begins to dominate our lives.
Are Kiwi kids losing the art of good handwriting?
The closure of Kerry’s Shoe Repairs means residents with a hole in their boot need to travel to Feilding for a repair.
'We need a cobbler!' Whanganui councillor wants the town's shoe repairer back
The event is currently on display at Auckland Museum.
Lego exhibition attracting fanatics young and old to Auckland Museum
Al Yates is taking part in a charity swim to raise funds for those who saved him after a serious mountain biking accident.
Man rescued by Westpac Rescue Helicopter hopes to raise big bucks in thanks
Novia Ng explains the old fashioned power of pinball to Tim Wilson.
The lager loving Aucklander who's ended up in the national pinball finals
Walliams is a swimmer, world record holder, author, talent show judge and funny man.
Seven Sharp meets the multi-talented David Walliams
Toni decided to sign up with, gave a DNA sample, and got a nice surprise.
DNA test reveals Toni Street is related to Kiwi acting royalty
Video: Why was Ed Sheeran omitted from list of Grammy nominees?
Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson meets 11-year-old Sam Ryan.
Meet the kid with the same kidney condition as Jonah Lomu had, who's a triathlon ace
The team from Holy Cross College is mixing it with the best young players in the country.
Meet the South Auckland girls turning heads on the cricket pitch
Tim Wilson says there are one or two people on the anti-Cherry Ripe bandwagon because it's easy.
'Lazy hatred' behind dislike of endangered Cherry Ripe chocolate
New Zealand's own super fan weighs in after Kanye fans attempt to out-stream a Taylor Swift song.
Sparks flare in the Kanye West v Taylor Swift feud
Brian Kitchen is a finalist in ASB's Brightsparks inventors' competition.
Auckland 13-year-old designs device that maps the inside of caves in 3D
When people shine we like to give them a platform.
Watch: And the winner is! New Zealand's first Real Estate Video Oscars
Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson met the talented duo before they leave for the event.
Talented Kiwi teens aiming for dizzy heights at Trampoline World Champs in Bulgaria
To cut in or not cut in – that is the question.
Do you travel faster by changing lanes in heavy traffic?
At 28-years-old, Kiwi author Jessica Pawley's first novel "Airborne" is generating a lot of interest overseas.
Kiwi author with millions of online readers garnering attention from international TV producers
It is a more intimate gesture than the handshake and very easy to make awkward.
The etiquette of hugging: What are the dos and don'ts
The big question is whether the Seven Sharp reporter makes the grade.
Seven Sharp reporter learns plumbing ropes from social media star Logan Dodds
When you visit the toilet, do you take your phone? Tim Wilson with some OCD news you can use.
Video: The dirty habits that could be making you sick
Famous, but forgettable, Seven Sharp tests out what is really in a name.
The name game: How memorable our Kiwi celebrity names?
Tim Wilson finds out what parents and kids think about the issue of safety.
How safe is too safe? British Medical Journal calls for tackles and scrums to be banned from rugby
In today's Policy in 60 Seconds, Tim Wilson compares the parties' immigration policies.
The polarising issue of immigration: What's the right number of people to bring into New Zealand?
Tim Wilson takes on a rookie on the final night of his political golf challenge.
Seven Sharp plays mini golf with Green Party leader James Shaw, and reveals his extraordinary secret
How did Tim Wilson get on against the man who wants to become prime minister again?
Seven Sharp plays mini golf with National's Bill English
How did the Labour leader get on against our Tim Wilson?
Seven Sharp plays mini golf with Labour's Jacinda Ardern
Tim Wilson takes on Fox in the second of his minor party challenges.
Seven Sharp challenges Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox to game of mini golf
In the first of his minor party challenges, Tim Wilson takes on the man who wants to hold onto Epsom.
Seven Sharp challenges ACT's David Seymour to a game of mini golf
Tim Wilson set a little test for the young and the not-so young.
Watch: Kiwis put to the test to see how good their spelling and grammar is
The new headquarters for Giltrap Group is totally different.
Visit the $40 million eco-building to be filled with Bentleys and Aston Martins