Thomas Mead
Those who take King Salman up on the offer will travel to Islam’s holiest city for the hajj, an annual pilgrimage.
Christchurch terrorist attack survivors ecstatic at Saudi king's offer to fly them to Mecca
It was a poignant moment – believers from two religions putting their past differences aside in a show of love and peace.
'We feel your pain' - Jewish delegation visits Christchurch mosques, marking $1.1m donation for terrorist victims
Gun owners are calling on authorities to clear up the confusion over the high-powered firearms ban.
Can AR-15 owners avoid the gun ban with pump-action modifications? Not even police know
The vast majority of shareholders voted to sell Westland Milk to a subsidiary of Chinese dairy giant Yili
'Sad day for the West Coast' - Farmers agree to sell 150-year-old dairy co-op to Chinese firm
1 NEWS has obtained video showing police visiting the family after anti-Islam leaflets were spread around a supermarket car park
Family says rights have been infringed as police crack down on distribution of offensive material
But psychologists are warning that employers need to take extra care.
Employers urged to take extra care as people affected by Christchurch terrorist attack return to work
While It’s great for employees, businesses say it is causing big problems.
Victim of its own success: Timaru on a recruitment drive, amid 10-year low in unemployment
Fifty-one people died as a gunman opened fire at two mosques on March 15.
Christchurch terror attack survivor remembers the horror three months on
Christchurch mosque terrorist attack accused Brenton Tarrant during first court appearance on March 16
Man accused of killing 51 worshippers at Christchurch mosques pleads not guilty to all charges, to stand trial next May