Sam Wallace
This week the children at Arataki Kindergarten honoured their hero.
ASB Good as Gold: Noel Kelly, the 94-year-old role model to kids at a Mount Maunganui kindy
Sam Wallace spoke with Georgia, a Victoria’s Secret model.
Meet Georgia Fowler, the host of Project Runway New Zealand, on the hunt for 'amazing talent'
Gale Gordon is an incredible woman who works tirelessly for Beachaven Family Services, has fostered dozens of children and campaigns for safer communities.
Meet Gale from Te Puke, who fostered dozens of children and has been gifted $10k for dream trip
Marina Theron's attitude to life is that there's always something to be thankful for.
'Spreading hope' - Palmerston North woman learning to walk again after diving accident gifted $10k for rehab
John and Jolene Guy-ton can be found at the local school, fixing something, organising or just helping out on whatever is needed.
Good as gold: John and Jolene Guyton's hard work rewarded
Viewer Carla Innis from Pirongia sent us some photos of some remarkably-shaped hail.
Watch: 'It looks like a bull's head with horns' – 1 NEWS viewer captures photos of stunning-looking hail
Seven Sharp goes behind the scenes to find out the secret behind a magician's tricks.
A very different kind of man cave: Inside the world of a magical clown
It's party time in Bermuda as the Kiwis qualified for the Challenger final.
Sam Wallace's in the thick of the partying with America's Cup fans in Bermuda
Italy could soon become the first western country to offer paid menstrual leave for women who experience severe period pain.
Sam Wallace bravely asks lads whether Kiwi women should get paid period leave
Breakfast's Weather Presenter Sam Wallace has the news you may not have wanted to hear.
'Tomorrow is a bit of a mess' – Saturday's weather looking pretty miserable for much of the country
Breakfast's weather presenter shares a tale on what happened at Eatwells Lookout.
Talk about bad timing: Sam Wallace interrupts loved-up man's epic proposal at Marlborough beauty spot
Breakfast's weather presenter showed Hilary, Daniel and Brodie how it is done on the Hampton Downs track.
'You're so humble' – Sam Wallace tears up Breakfast crew on the race track
Breakfast's Sam Wallace with what you want to know about the weather ahead.
'You can lock in Saturday as a pretty good day'
Sam commandeered Breakfast’s new wheels, but clearly needed to get some fuel inside him.
'We had to grab a snack' – sheepish Sam and Selena call into McDonald's Drive-Thru for a bite during live cross
It seemed to be funny at the time, but Sam Wallace later got in a bit of discomfort from his antics.
'I actually had a hole in my tongue' – Breakfast Sam's tongue on ice in Tip Top factory freezer fail
Classic spring weather continues across the country with a complete mixed bag, according to weatherman Sam.
'Absolute cracker' of a day in the North, but South Island not looking so flash
Some sunshine in the North, a burst of snow in the South - but that’s spring, says Sam.
Mixed bag of weather for the country before things really 'turn to custard'
NZ weather.
'There's a little ridge of high pressure that's nicely timed'
Breakfast's Sam with the details of the weather ahead, including an early look at the long weekend.
Got outdoor plans for the weekend? Sam reckons Sunday will be the 'most promising'
Parts of the region will be a glorious 24 degrees Celsius today - but what about the rest of the country?
'Hawke's Bay is the place to be today'
Breakfast's Sam Wallace with some good news if you are hoping for a bit of sunshine.
'The weather does get better, it's just today that's the worst of it'
The weather is looking great in Hawke's Bay, but not that flash for the rest of us.
'It's drizzly and a little bit miserable'
Don't despair about all the rain, Breakfast's Sam Wallace has some good news for us.
'I make a promise about summer' - Sam puts a bright spin on a gloomy weather forecast
'It is spring and it just keeps coming' - bleak outlook for the weather ahead
This probably isn't the news you wanted, but says Breakfast's Sam says it's going to be a raincoat day.
'No tornadoes, just a few thundery showers pushing through'
It is not all bad news, Breakfast's Sam reports. Some of us will get decent weather.
'The entire country is feeling the wrath of this front'
If there's good weather in your part of the country today, then make the most of
'A nice little window opens up today - but with a nasty wee front in behind it'
Breakfast's Sam with the weather details you need to know.
Is there hope of good weather for the second week of the school holidays?
Got outdoor plans for your weekend? Breakfast's Sam Wallace has the weather details you should know.
'Sunday we get broadsided and Monday is looking pretty rough'
Breakfast's Sam Wallace with what you need to know about the weather ahead.
'It's absolutely hosing down in Auckland – but when will it stop?'