Ryan Boswell
The Australian born three-year-old misses out on funding because his parents are from New Zealand.
Kiwi family could be forced to return from Australia as young son ineligible for disability support
Kiwis in Australia - is the grass really greener?
Laws were changed almost 20 years ago removing several rights previously enjoyed by Kiwis across the ditch.
Kiwi residents beg Australian government to have their rights given back
Gordon Twaddle, Tim Thompson and Karen Edwards were found in bushland near Mount Isa in 1978.
Queensland police solve 40-year-old cold case which saw two Kiwis shot in the head
A programme called Broadway Dreams is importing some of New York's greatest talents to pass on their knowledge in NZ.
Kiwis given a shot at making their Broadway theatre dreams come true
Flea breakout prompts fumigation at Middlemore Hospital's surgical ward
After 21 years in Australia, Graeme Isaako is back in New Zealand for the role of his life.
Aoteoroa's own Māori Aladdin hoping to win over Kiwi audiences
The latest Child Poverty Monitor found children in our most disadvantaged communities are twice as likely to end up in hospital.
Welfare benefits involving children should be linked to wages - Children's Commissioner
Food grants have soared by 50 per cent over the past couple of years.
Auckland City Mission calls on Government to track food poverty as problem rises
Family of woman dying from cancer pleads for her to be moved from mould-ravaged state house - 'It's not her choice to be sick'
Chief Engineer at Auckland Council Sarah Sinclair says the council will be better prepared in the future.
Emergency response to major Auckland storm results in 'ongoing relationship tensions' with those in charge
Lawmakers are looking at how regulation has been put in place overseas.
Government investigates whether to restrict Kiwis' access to internet porn
Housing Minister Phil Twyford is looking into a share equity scheme.
Families struggling to pay for house deposits may soon be able to partner with Government in equity scheme
The Human Rights Commission says the 60-year-old law is outdated and discriminatory.
Calls for children's rights to be recognised in review of 'outdated' adoption laws
Analysts have told 1 NEWS they think the Defence Force is already preparing for cyber attack.
Defending ourselves is no longer enough to fight off cyber attacks, experts say
Ms MacGregor's lawyer says only her client can say whether she is happy with the sum awarded by the Human Rights Tribunal.
Colin Craig sought out Rachel MacGregor in 'irregular and inappropriate ways' court told
The former Conservative Party leader says that defending a defamation case taken against him is all about protecting his reputation.
Colin Craig to reveal text messages detailing 'true nature of relationship with' Rachel MacGregor
It’s moving temporarily while the original premises get an upgrade.
Temporary relocation of Auckland City Mission ruffles some neighbours' feathers
From discrimination to an overpriced rental market and family violence, the homeless face a raft of challenges.
Homeless in New Zealand: 'I was struggling to get a tenancy in my own country' - What's keeping the homeless on the street?
1 NEWS reporter Ryan Boswell spoke to three men who are or were homeless about the reason they became homeless.
1 NEWS investigates homelessness in New Zealand: The faces of New Zealand's homeless
The warning comes a day before the first rough sleeper count takes place in Auckland.
‘Not enough is being done’ – homeless advocacy groups warn demand is on the rise
It’s been found most schools are failing to keep pace with social and technological changes when it comes to sex ed.
‘Really young kids were engaging with porn’ – calls for sexual violence and pornography to be tackled in schools
New bail measures and a faster, more efficient system are being lauded as playing a significant role in reducing the statistics.
Government hails supposed turnaround in prisoner population, but National says the numbers are PR spin
Housing NZ will only lease homes build after 2000, but critics say it’s a ludicrous position in the current housing climate.
Housing New Zealand accused of making a 'mockery' of the housing crisis by rejecting homes because of their age
Housing NZ will only lease homes build after 2000, but critics say it’s a ludicrous position in the current housing climate.
‘It’s a dopey policy’ – Auckland home owner stunned after state landlord rejects offer of a house for the homeless
The transitional housing programme is meant to provide a home for families for three months, but many are staying longer, as they have nowhere else to go.
People struggle to find affordable homes as pressure builds on state's short-term accommodation programme
The Salvation Army is warning that people will die on the streets, unless urgent action is taken.
Salvation Army warns homeless people will die this winter unless urgent action taken
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has fronted up over residents being forced to live life on the street or in cars.
Fleas, stock market crash and cost of rent - hear the stories behind some of Auckland's 26,000 homeless
Those in community housing schemes look unlikely to receive the same pay-out as Housing NZ tenants caught up in the meth testing debacle.
Social housing tenants evicted over meth contamination may miss out on compensation
The shocking admission by Housing New Zealand has social agencies pleading for a more compassionate approach to be taken to housing the vulnerable.
Government stands by Housing New Zealand evictions