Nadine Chalmers Ross

A privately funded piece of artwork on Auckland's waterfront that looks like a state house is not everyone's cup of tea.

'This grinds my gears!' Nadine exasperated over $1.5m 'lighthouse' sculpture on Auckland's Queens Wharf

A privately funded piece of artwork that looks like a state house is not everyone's cup of tea.

You may well be shocked by the amount of sugar in the drink you're falling back on this month.

'Ginger beer is higher in calories than a normal beer' - top nutritionist's warning to those doing Dry July

You may be shocked at the amount of sugar in the drink you're falling back on this month.

Associate tourism Minister Paula Bennett has named and shamed a man for a shocking comment sent to her in defence of the company.

Opinion: Wicked Campers' slogans aren't just 'harmless words'

"Freedom of speech is a right, but it comes with responsibilities," writes Nadine Chalmers-Ross.

Nadine Chalmers-Ross

Nadine Chalmers-Ross is a newsreader, presenter and reporter for TVNZ.


Colin Craig takes legal action against 'Dirty Politics brigade'

Colin Craig is suing Jordan Williams, John Stringer and blogger Cameron Slater.


Leaky homeowners desperate for action against cladding makers

A law firm says it has claims totalling nearly $100m against the manufacturers of some plastic cladding.


Confused about your career path? There’s a new app for you

An app that rates the earnings, fees and job prospects for a range of careers was launched today.


NZ seeking experts to track online shopping data

A new degree is being set up to train more Kiwis in the art of number crunching.


Mother of Eric Garner calls for end to violence

The mother of a man killed by a police officer’s choke hold has asked his name not be used in violence.


Fashionista courts controversy

Denise L’Estrange Corbett has caused a stir by saying clothes simply look better on skinny people.


Most Kiwis not clued up about Superannuation – research

Nearly half of us don’t know how much we’re entitled to on the pension, or who’s entitled to it.


Digital wallet battle heats up

A consortium of telcos and banks has come up with an alternative to the recently announced ‘Apple Pay’


Three Chinese banks set up in New Zealand

Powerful Chinese banks to open branches in New Zealand.


Banks make record profits

NZ banks make record profits six years on from the Global Financial Crisis.


Strongest winds in almost 40 years hit Auckland

Winds of up to 145km caused devastation across Auckland and the North Island.

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