Luke Appleby

Mr Tamaki said people giving thousands to Destiny would show they have plenty to give, which would be a good thing.

Watch: Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki tells attendees during Christchurch sermon that big cash donations 'should be normal'

Destiny was forced to move the sermon to a secret location after activists threatened to hold a "big gay party" at the event.

Four of Australia’s biggest banks have done it, should New Zealand follow suit?

ANZ and Westpac won't drop 'other bank' ATM fees in NZ like Aussie despite billions in profits

The banks say their $1 fee for using another bank's ATM is reasonable.

'It's ridiculous' - Consumer NZ says Kiwi banks should follow their Aussie parents and abolish ATM fees

The four big Aussie banks yesterday dropped 'other bank' fees amid political pressure - but ANZ says it has no plans to do so in New Zealand.

Matthew Kyte

'He was taken before his time' - wife of Napier crash victim with six kids gives touching tribute

Matthew Kyte was a "funny, intelligent and very sociable person", his wife said.

Destiny Church co-leader Hannah Tamaki, with a Mercedes-Benz 2017 AMG GLE 63 S.

Destiny Church's Hannah Tamaki again splashes out on flash Mercedes - and this one's a 577hp beast

The $208,000 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63 S is an upgrade on the last SUV Ms Tamaki bought about a year ago.

Users receive a message through Facebook Messenger with a dodgy link.

Warning: NZ Facebook users cautioned as new malware attack targets passwords

The attack infects your computer through a message before stealing private information.

Brian Tamaki is given a fair chance to respond to the request over his 'sin' causing earthquakes comments.

Call for gay hate speech to be illegal after Destiny leader's 'human sin' quake sermon

Human Rights Commission received flurry of complaints but says Brian Tamaki didn't breach NZ law.

Exclusive: Auckland prison gang photos appear online, Labour alleges guards are smuggling phones

Tiny "beat the boss" camera phones are increasingly being sought, with prices as low as NZ$50.

Tickets to one of Lorde's New Zealand concerts being offered for sale on Ticketmaster at a hugely-inflated price - the face value was $95 each.

Ministers say scalping not their problem - but Ladyhawke says it's 'definitely unfair'

Tickets to some Lorde gigs were available for resale minutes after they sold out yesterday - for more than four times what they were bought for.

Watch: 'Exceptionally bad form' - Bill English slammed for talking through Maori kids' haka at netball game

The PM is accused of ignoring a group of Porirua Maori school kids performing a haka right in front of him, during halftime at a national netball match.

The mural, which faces a cemetary, depicts the rock star, who was known as the voice of Soundgarden and Audioslave.

Artist paints incredible Chris Cornell tribute mural on Auckland Rockshop's wall

Cornell joins David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Prince who have all been depicted by Paul Walsh.

Watch: Astronomy expert says beautiful green meteor over Gisborne night sky was 'reasonably large'

Dr Ian Griffin told 1 NEWS locals were very lucky to get such clear footage of the meteor last night.

Video: 'You've got to put a stop to it' - Whangarei shopkeepers thwart trio of meat-thieving youths on brazen raid

The owners of Tikipunga Fresh Foods weren't about to let their products walk out the door.

Mexicali Fresh

Auckland restaurant can't get a liquor licence - because they don't have enough car parks for patrons

Commenters have been quick to point out the irony of requiring car parks to sell booze.

Watch: Gone in 60 seconds! Auckland Domain daylight smash and grab shows how quickly you can be caught out

The victims were within view of their car when a thief smashed his way in mid-morning.

Watch: Footage shows jet-boating dog, firemen battling rapids as mum of two flees flood

The water filled Tamara Herdman's property in less than 10 minutes - and she quickly realised she needed help.

'A whole river coming down the street' - local films Edgecumbe right after stopbank breaks, releasing torrent of water

Steve Wright was out getting a WoF when he was confronted by a wall of mud and debris.

Worrying video shows Edgecumbe river bursting its banks as locals flee township

Footage from Edgecumbe this morning shows the swollen Rangitaiki River trickling through a small wall stopping the town from flooding.

Video: Port Hills heroes drive through huge flames to check on mate's home

When Andy Nicholson saw smoke coming over the hill, he sprang into action, heading for a neighbour's place being threatened by the growing inferno.

MetService's Georgina Griffiths says we can expect 'more windows to enjoy the barbeque and the beach in the next two or three weeks'.

Opinion: Moving summer holidays is a great idea - but it will never happen

Luke Appleby writes that there are just too many things to deal with for the idea to ever move into action.

Police are investigating the incident, which took place in Swanson on Sunday.

'Highly dangerous' tagging by 'idiots' on Auckland train: Police investigating with potential for $10k fine

The youths were caught on camera and their work was washed away less than a day later.

A busy intersection controlled by traffic lights in Auckland

Opinion: An idea to avoid waiting at red lights - when you're the only car at intersection

'I'm no town planner or traffic designer, but as a motorist I've always preferred a roundabout intersection,' writes Luke Appleby.

1 NEWS travelled to the quake-hit community to see how the locals are getting on after the life-changing event.

'Christmas will be hard' for Kaikoura locals as slow rebuild looms

As embattled locals pause for Christmas, Luke Appleby finds resilience and optimism in a community looking to the future.

Yardy Chapman's tattoo shows a map of epicentre, and Julie went for seismograph - and they both love them.

Watch: Meet Kaikoura's first post-quake newlyweds - and check out their matching quake tattoos!

Yardy and Julie Chapman did the paperwork for their marriage without wedding clothes, a cake or even guests.

Kauahi Ngapora says the marina needs to be dredged as soon as possible if clearing the Inland Road and State Highway south is to be any good for tourism.

Whale Watch manager urges politicians to get on with quake legislation

Emergency legislation still before Parliament will allow Kaikoura's vital marina to be made useable again.

Nathan Burtenshaw of Southern Paua says the store would usually be full around this time of year - but the quake has left it empty.

'There's hope out there' - Iconic Kaikoura paua shell shop struggling through

Nathan Burtenshaw of Southern Paua says the store would usually be full around this time of year - but the quake has left it empty.

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