Luis Portillo

The six remaining designers.

Project Runway NZ Recap: Not all bling shines

With six designers left the competition is getting tougher.

Kerry thinks the most annoying monkey in the jungle is Jess.

Project Runway NZ Recap: 'Most annoying monkey in the jungle'

A few designers shine after repurposing ugly bridesmaids’ dresses.

Georgia packs a few good punches on Andreas.

Project Runway NZ Recap: By Georgia, I think they’ve got it!

In this week's episode, the designers are tasked to create a look for a specific client.

Caitlin and Jess want to use the same wallpaper for this week's challenge.

Project Runway NZ recap: Good on paper, not so good on fabric

Another week of underwhelming looks with a few exceptions.

Georgia and Benny examine Jess’ Avant-Garde design.

Project Runway NZ Recap: The art of making art

An avant-garde challenge defines the designers with real potential.

Judges examine the designs before choosing the top and bottom looks.

Project Runway NZ Recap: An average red-carpet look

When it comes to sustainability, some designers fail to keep up momentum.

Matt and Beau gather their unconventional materials.

Project Runway NZ Recap: Teams of two and the ego of one

An unconventional materials challenge brings an unconventional result.

The designers learn about the twist in the challenge.

Project Runway NZ recap: When a designer gives you lemons, make it work

On the second episode, a twist makes some struggle with their fellow designers’ taste.

Project Runway NZ Recap: Mixing the right flavours

With big prizes and the possibility of an even bigger career, the first season gets underway.

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