Lorelei Mason
The new machines, worth millions of dollars, will allow for illnesses to be detected quicker, and at a higher rate.
Christchurch patients first in southern hemisphere to use latest robotic technology
Ex-tropical Cyclone Cook is causing some streets to flood and rivers to breach in Christchurch as it winds its way south.
Video: Foolhardy motorists and cyclist travel on flooded Christchurch roads
Debate is heating up over a proposal to establish a third medical school in New Zealand.
Bid for new Med School 'flawed thinking' say critics
The Dunedin study followed the progress of a thousand children born in Dunedin in the early 70’s.
High lead levels leave Kiwi kids of the 70s and 80s with lower IQ - study
A third of hip and knee patients in one of our biggest regions still are not qualifying to see a specialist.
Survey suggests nine per cent of Kiwi's aren't getting the hospital treatment they need
It's proposed pharmacists be allowed to give free flu vaccines to over 65s and pregnant women from next month.
Doctors concerned about pharmacists giving flu jabs
Locals say the closure will have a crippling effect on the Dunedin economy.
Hundreds including mayor and MPs protest Dunedin's Cadbury Factory closure
The country's first and only purpose-built charity hospital is set to expand, for the third time in its nine year history.
Charity hospital to take pain away from Cantabrians with complex dental issues
Until now, sick birds required a lengthy trip to the North Island for surgery.
'Here you go buddy' – pop-up hospital providing crucial treatment for injured seabirds
Nearly 3000 junior doctors walked off the job this morning for the second time in four months.
Junior doctors' strike latest: 'Constructive discussions' held
Nearly 3000 junior doctors walked off the job this morning for the second time in four months.
'I'm tired of striking, but we need a binding agreement'
'You can do your job but you're not safe in your head' - exhausted junior doctors strike again over gruelling schedules
Strike action by 3000 junior doctors will kick in on Tuesday morning.
Second junior doctors' strike causes ill feeling
Pictures: Whale of a day! Tourists on Kaikoura's top tourist attraction treated to sight of whale close to boat
In what's normally the busiest time of the year, fear of aftershocks and limited road access keeps many visitors away.
Kaikoura campsites suffering post-quake downturn
A major tourist attraction is set to reopen, seven weeks after the 7.8 earthquake left Kaikoura and surrounding communities isolated.
Kaikoura finds plenty of reason to celebrate new year
Christina Buckland started One Mother to Another after her daughter was rushed to hospital.
‘Tears of joy’ – resilient Cantabrian mum ships off Christmas gift packs for those in need
Medical professionals pacing the corridors with the new technology has arrived.
E-prescribing set to make doctors' illegible handwriting a thing of the past
Scientists will begin testing wastewater from communities across New Zealand to find hotbeds of P, heroin, cocaine, ecstacy and bath salts.
'What goes in must come out' - police hoping wastewater drug tests will expose trends
It's new technology using a radioactive tracer to pinpoint tiny cancer cells which are otherwise missed on conventional scans.
Kiwi men set to benefit from better prostate cancer diagnosis
The new nursing role established three years ago to support patients diagnosed with cancer is proving its worth.
Cancer nurse coordinators get thumbs up from independent review
The new nursing role established three years ago to support patients diagnosed with cancer is proving its worth.
Implementation of cancer nurse coordinators proves to be smoothing treatment path
Lianne Dalziel says a decision needs to be made on what to do with the earthquake damaged stadium.
Christchurch's Lancaster Park uneconomic to repair - report
Christmas came early for several disabled children in Christchurch today.
'It's going to mean the world to her' – disabled Christchurch kid's family stoked she can interact more with new Baby Go car
Maia Harris put the BMW courtesy of charity Go Baby Go through its paces in Christchurch today.
Video: Christmas comes early for disabled Kiwi kids with gift of new wheels to foster independence
Up to 900 former and current construction and manufacturing workers die from breathing in airborne contaminants each year.
'My body and eyes were burning' – campaign launched to warn of silent killer in construction industry
Doctors and lobbyists says results from the Waitemata pilot programme have helped save 300 people.
Bowel screening timeline to see hundreds of thousands checked for cancer
The Health Ministry announced a test to detect severe combined immunodeficiency will come into effect from next year.
Kiwi newborns to be offered screening for potentially fatal genetic defect
The original 100-year-old seawall was damaged in the quakes, dropping over a metre in parts.
Part of Christchurch's $25 million seaside pathway opens
Hanmer Springs mother-of-two Kate Hodges was diagnosed with advanced cancer in June after discovering a small lump in her neck.
New campaign launched to reduce stigma around lung cancer