Lorelei Mason

The calls come after new research links midwife inexperience to an increased likelihood of baby deaths.

Calls to overhaul midwife training and supervise new grads

University of Otago research links midwife inexperience to an increased risk of baby deaths.

Govt invests millions in making NZ global 'food-for-health' leader

"The speed of change in Asia is frightening and there is a megatrend for consumers to be especially concerned about their food".

Lorelei Mason

Lorelei Mason is a ONE News reporter based in Christchurch.

Thousands of patients worldwide are turning to high dose vitamin C infusions, despite no medical evidence it works.

World-leading Kiwi researcher to shed light on vitamin C cancer treatment

Professor Margreet Vissers is launching a new study to answer whether vitamin C holds genuine potential as a treatment.

Kiwi scientists have discovered a vital DNA marker related to the chronic disease that affects 400 million people worldwide.

Exclusive: Kiwi discovery could help save lives of 400 million people with hepatitis B

Researchers have identified a key DNA marker to help determine who has chronic hepatitis B

Hospital admission due to the disease have fallen by a quarter overall.

New figures show Kiwi kids are winning the battle against rheumatic fever

Hospital admission due to the disease have fallen by a quarter overall.

Hospital admission due to the disease have fallen by a quarter overall.

We're finally starting to win battle against rheumatic fever

New government figures just released suggest New Zealand may be starting to win the battle against rheumatic fever.

Exclusive: Otago study of 'heart hormone' set to save more lives

A new study's launched to build on the success of NZ heart research already proven to have saved thousands of lives worldwide.

Over half a million dollars is being invested in the new study aimed at disadvantaged Kiwi kids.

Exclusive: Funding windfall targeted at stamping out child poverty related illnesses

Disadvantaged Kiwi kids are five times more likely to die before their first birthday .

New research reveals a third of patients have no idea they have the disease until they turn up unwell to a hospital.

New calls for bowel cancer screening as many diagnosed too late

A new study reveals high numbers of New Zealanders discover they have incurable bowel cancer too late.

The union has released treasury figures to ONE News which show total Government health spending as a proportion of GDP is falling.

'Govt health spending fails to keep up with increased costs' - Doctor's union claims

The Senior Doctor’s Union says the Government is spending less of its total budget on health year-on-year.


Research suggests GPs hastening death of terminally ill patients

A ONE News Colmar Brunton poll suggests doctors making decisions likely to quicken the death of terminal patients have public backing.


Euthanasia: Many Kiwi GPs and nurses help accelerate death

Most voters feel dying patients should be able to turn to their doctor for assistance to end their lives.


Christchurch grandma sets medical milestone

Susan Gorman-Thompson has impressed doctors by becoming New Zealand's longest surviving kidney transplant patient.


Bold eco-tourism vision for Christchurch red zone

The founder of the UK’s Eden Project was in Christchurch as plans were revealed for a similar project in the garden city.


Want to avoid cancer? Drink less say experts

Our leading health experts have met for the first time to discuss the alarming link between cancer and alcohol.


Country’s largest public sculpture dazzles Christchurch

Neil Dawson’s ‘Fanfare’ sculpture was officially blessed today.


Mothers look to bring Christmas cheer to Christchurch

A group of concerned mothers has joined forces to ensure no family goes hungry during the holiday season.


Australian hospitals prepare for Ebola threat

Hospital staff are being trained to vette and treat suspected Ebola patients at their front door.


Australasia’s sole Ebola testing lab

The Doherty Institute in Melbourne has already ruled out a dozen suspected Ebola cases.


Middlemore Hospital ready for Ebola response

New Zealand’s lead Ebola response unit has demonstrated they are prepared should the virus reach here.


Study raises concerns for teenage cannabis use

The study shows dependency and suicidal thoughts to be among consequences for teenage users.


Judith Collins stands firm over street sign

A lane outside Christchurch’s new justice precinct has been named after a friend of the justice minister.


Use of surgical mesh dubbed an emerging health scandal

Sufferers want the use of mesh in gynaecological surgery suspended.


Free jabs for babies to prevent stomach bug

New Zealand babies will be entitled to free vaccinations against a highly-infectious stomach bug.


Health problems facing many Kiwi toddlers

Study of children shows high number of Kiwi kids are admitted to hospital with infection and illness.

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