Katie Bradford

RWC bar opening hours to be extended for all matches

The last two stages of ACT leader David Seymour’s bill will be rushed through Parliament tonight.

Now 'un-dunne' - Peter Dunne fools with hint of resignation

The veteran MP has held the seat for over 30 years and surprised many with his announcement.

Auckland Council, police don't want bars open in early hours for RWC matches

ACT Leader David Seymour's bill seeks to allow bars to be open for all Rugby World Cup games.


Minister was warned of safety risk in agriculture, documents show

Michael Woodhouse still decided to exclude most agriculture from rules facing high risk sectors.


Government tells state owned enterprises to use it or lose it

Labour has accused the Government of looking at back-door efforts to sell off billions of dollars in state assets.


Exclusive: Farming sector mostly excluded from reformed Health & Safety Bill

Criteria looked at fatality rates, injury data, catastrophic risk and the risk posed from asbestos.


Wasted trip: Families of workplace victims disappointed with trip to Parliament

The families were expecting debate on proposed changes to safety laws today.


Canadians revealed as the biggest foreign investors in the country

Canadians account for 22 percent of foreign investment with China coming in second.

Charter school funding getting 'refinements'

The Government is tightening up new Charter School funding and how issues that arise are dealt with.


Child sex offender register to be created despite it 'breaching rights'

The Attorney-General says the register breaches the Bill of Rights and creates the possibility of Double Jeopardy.


Early opening hours for bars – will it just be for All Blacks matches?

The Govt will push through licensing law changes for the RWC, though they may be restricted.

The Greens are 'opposed to fun' - MP outraged by RWC early drinking rejection

The Green Party have shot down a bill to extend drinking hours at bars.


Cook Islands UN dreams off limits for John Key visit

The New Zealand prime minister visited the island nation to celebrate 50 years of self-governance but no-one was talking about the United Nations.

Mocking Bill English, criticising the opposition - National Party conference kicks off

The National Party’s 79th annual conference has kicked off in Auckland.


Minister 'floundered all week' over prison allegations

The government’s set to keep feeling the pressure after its management takeover.


Government facing fallout over prison scandal

Katie Bradford reports on how the government has responded to the Serco prison incident saga.


Serco bosses grilled at Parliament

The company which runs Mt Eden Prison have fronted up at Parliament today to face the corrections minister.

Prisoners 'bashed' and dropped from balconies, Labour claims

MPs are urgently debating the "fight clubs" at some New Zealand prisons.


Conservation minister: Marae served 'roadkill' when it fed MPs protected kereru

Maggie Barry says kereru served to politicians was not meant for human consumption.


Cabinet ministers 'were served a meal of kereru'

It's claimed senior Cabinet ministers were served a meal of the protected bird on a marae two years ago.

Poll shows bleakest economic outlook in years

Turbulent economic times are making One News Colmar Brunton voters nervous.

Will Labour's approach to foreign buyers net them a boost in the polls?

Katie Bradford analyses Labour's controversial strategy.


Minister’s office shies away from talk of corporate manslaughter bill

The justice minister’s office tried to downplay the intent she signalled to introduce new measures as part of health and safety reforms.

Colin Craig admits inappropriate conduct

The Former Conservative Party leader apologised to his wife but would not go into further detail on his involvement with a media advisor.


Quarry incident sparks calls for tougher safety laws

The landslide which trapped a Cantabrian digger driver has sparked debate in Parliament over safety practices.


Last ditch talks fail to save Relationships Aotearoa

A relationship breakdown has resulted in the country’s largest counselling service shutting down.


Bill English’s latest budget is missing the long-promised surplus

This year’s $600m deficit, brought on by under-strength tax revenue and low inflation, is still better than last year’s $6b deficit.


Are zero hour contracts set to be outlawed?

Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse says controversial zero hours contracts could soon be made illegal.


Pacific Island Affairs Ministry racks up hefty restructuring bill

A jump in redundancy payouts has some asking if the Ministry is being run into the ground.

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