Joy Reid

One hospitalised after chemical spill near University of Canterbury

Two other people needed medical attention but were able to return to work.


Canterbury engineers undertake biggest bridge building test in Southern Hemisphere

Canterbury University engineers are hoping to make the tertiary institution the world leader in earthquake research.


Homeless hit hard by cold snap

The sudden chill was also a painful reminder for some Christchurch residents of the post-quake road to recovery.


New Zealanders embrace Irish celebrations

Green and orange replaced black and white as Irish expats and Kiwis alike celebrated St Patrick’s Day.


Scrub fire threatens South Canterbury homes

A wary eye is being kept on the scene of a bush fire in Twizel.


Rest home residents bridging the gap for young readers

A Christchurch Primary school struggling to find volunteers for its reading programme has tapped into a unique work force.


Christchurch school wins unique tech grant

Merrin School has won one of only 12 grants worldwide for a classroom full of Google Chrome books.


Kiwi web addresses given shake up

As of Tuesday, New Zealand websites will have more options available for their domain names.


Reality of shooting sets in for Ashburton

Joy Reid reports from Ashburton with more witness accounts of the horrific shooting.


Shooting puts Ashburton into lockdown

The town was rocked by a shooting at the local Winz office which left two dead.


Japanese PM pays tribute in Christchurch

Japanese PM pays his respects to the Japanese killed in Christchurch earthquake.


Bug kills five residents at Christchurch rest home

Five elderly women have died after an outbreak of strep A in a Christchurch rest home.

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