John Armstrong

When  the PM was asked if she thought the pricing moves were “fair”, she said “certainly motorists won't look upon it as fair”.

John Armstrong's opinion: Jacinda Ardern can’t afford to look complacent as petrol prices verge on crisis-level

It's taken some time for the PM to realise the price hikes have serious economic implications, our columnist writes.

National’s Simon Bridges says NZ currently has the right number, however, Jacinda Ardern wants to see it increase.

John Armstrong's opinion: Jacinda Ardern must stop the rot in 'drunken sailor' Government

After returning from New York, the PM needs to address the "epidemic of embarrassment", our columnist says.

The Prime Minister gave details of the Government plan during a speech in Auckland.

John Armstrong: As Labour fast loses the plot, Sunday's moment of coalition unity was priceless

The carefully stage-managed display by Jacinda Ardern and her deputy was not so much a case of fake news as one of fabricated news, writes our columnist.

The issue of refugees is dominating the Prime Minister’s visit.

John Armstrong's opinion: Jacinda Ardern's excursion to Nauru a PR disaster

The lesson from the brouhaha is simple, but one Ardern appears to be having trouble taking on board in full.

Mr Bridges said if the leaker is not a National MP or staffer, they may not be found.

John Armstrong's opinion: National Party lacks leadership options if Simon Bridges is rolled

Mark Mitchell may now head the pack of credible replacements for Mr Bridges, writes our columnist.

A composite image of Peter Dutton and Jacinda Ardern.

John Armstrong's opinion: If Peter Dutton becomes Australia's PM it means bad news for NZ in general, Jacinda Ardern in particular

A bigger step backwards not just for Australia, but for already worsening trans-Tasman relations to boot would be hard to find, writes our columnist.

The National Party leader is calling for an independent investigation into how the information got into the public arena

John Armstrong's opinion: Simon Bridges' travel spending 'was state funding of a political party in drag'

It is easy to poke fun at National’s still newish, leader in the wake of the leaking of the mega-sized blowout of his spending on travel, writes 1 NEWS' columnist.

The Prime Minister believes New Zealand is well placed among its global counterparts in terms of the economy.

John Armstrong's opinion: Jacinda Ardern's handling of potential economic downturn has been ordinary

The slump in economic optimism is now a crisis bigger than all the problems combined which have confronted them in recent months, and the PM and her colleagues should be very afraid.

John Armstrong's opinion: Lashing of Winston Peters by 'no mates National' is stupid

National now finds itself in the most peculiar of circumstances. It is currently the most popular party, but is arguably light years away from governing again soon.

Greens co-leader Marama Davidson says party leaders should not be given power to expel MPs who cross the floor.

John Armstrong: Greens 'swallowing a dead rat' to vote for waka jumping law no great surprise

Our columnist says it fell on the Greens to determine whether waka jumpers should be booted out of Parliament for good.

Minister for Defence Ron Mark said the new aircraft will help New Zealand deliver marine and disaster relief in the Pacific.

John Armstrong: Defence Minister Ron Mark has shafted Labour in order to benefit NZ First

The Government managed to come up with $2.3 billion dollars for new P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.

John Armstrong: Peters has not put a foot wrong since stepping into Acting PM role

His handling of Australia's detention and deportation to NZ of criminals has stood out, our columnist writes.


John Armstrong: Ardern's baby leave gives her time to give serious thought to Labour's 'cannot be bothered' attitude to business sector

Those voicing the views of business are few and far between in the Labour caucus, writes out columnist.

John Armstrong: There are moments in a country’s history which transcend the ordinary

Jacinda Ardern is the very embodiment of how a modern society seeks to unshackle women in order to harvest their potential contribution, our columnist writes.

Plans by the Government to scrap the controversial three strikes law have been axed as Labour can't get support from one of its coalition partners.

John Armstrong's opinion: Andrew Little's Three Strikes mess 'galling' for Ardern on last working day in Wellington

With the Prime Minister about to leave the building for the next six weeks or so, you might have thought her Cabinet colleagues would have started exercising caution in the extreme, our columnist writes.

Whena Owen hit the streets of Northcote with one week left in the by-election.

John Armstrong's opinion: Northcote likely to still be in National's hands after tomorrow's by-election

"For Labour to be embarrassed by the result, National will not only have to win. It will have to win big," our columnist writes.

The Housing Minister is  unhappy Treasury downgraded its forecast over how much extra housing investment Kiwibuild will deliver to the economy.

John Armstrong's opinion: Labour's record so far on affordable housing builds is pathetic

Promises easy in Opposition, but hard to deliver in government, says our columnist.

Some would come from reprioritisation, which is pulling money from other sectors.

John Armstrong's analysis: Budget went some way to meeting Labour's unrealistic election promises

Grant Robertson needed to give health a cash injection while avoiding getting into huge debt, says our columnist.

John Armstrong: Row over 'waka-jumping law' puts stability of wobbly Government coalition to the test

The Greens and NZ First have directly opposing views on the issue, says our columnist.

The government has come under scrutiny after it was revealed Labour’s promise to decrease the price of doctor visits will have to wait.

John Armstrong: Government’s broken promises won’t necessarily lead to dip in polls

There are parallels between Key hiking GST and Ardern holding policy to make doctor visits cheaper.

The 1 NEWS political team discuss the government's decision to issue no more permits for offshore NZ oil and gas exploration.

John Armstrong's opinion: Shane Jones needs to explain worth of political neutrality sacrifice if he wants to be taken seriously

What on Earth does Shane Jones think he is doing in declaring that Cabinet ministers should be the ones choosing who will run government departments, writes John Armstrong.

The by-election has been set for June 9 and will come during a busy time for the Prime Minister.

John Armstrong's opinion: Northcote byelection to become a question of trust

"To shut National out of the debate, Labour needs to turn the whole issue of deteriorating social services into a question of trust."

The Prime Minister says it’s an  important step in addressing climate change.

John Armstrong: More than a touch of irony if Andrew Little becomes Jacinda Ardern's Mr Fixit

Our political columnist says Labour's former leader unwittingly auditioned for such a role this week after the "shambolic announcement" to ban future NZ oil exploration.

The PM  says the benefits would be "beyond the cities"and double the amount that go to regional roads.

John Armstrong: The notion Ardern and Labour will pay the ultimate price for their 'fuel tax' at the 2020 general election is utterly fanciful

It's hard to see how a hike in excise duty can be defined as a new tax especially when National increased the amount several times during its nine-year reign.

The Government is taking heat for its failure to join allies in taking action against Russia.

John Armstrong: Ardern's declaration that NZ lacks Russian spies as farcical as Austin Powers, but nowhere near as funny

It is a complete mystery as to what is driving Peters to continue to refuse to condemn Russia, writes John Armstrong.

Jacinda Ardern has denied news of the sexual assault allegation were intentionally kept from her by Labour.

John Armstrong: Jacinda Ardern looked like she was no longer in control during Labour's week from hell

In politics, however, things can change in an instant. And change they have, writes John Armstrong.

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