John Armstrong
Comments from ACT MP David Seymour have also added to an increased security risk for the MP.
John Armstrong's opinion: Just as Greens start to shed 'loony left' rep, Golriz Ghahraman sets them back
The Destiny Church leader made the comments to a congregation in south Auckland last night.
John Armstrong's opinion: The biggest problem facing Brian Tamaki's party is the Destiny Church leader himself
Gabriel Makhlouf is under fire after complaining to police over a claimed hack of information from its website, something that has a much simpler explanation.
John Armstrong's opinion: Grant Robertson and Treasury boss should resign over Budget data leak
Alfred Ngaro could front a conservative Christian party at the next election, and he’s already making headlines.
John Armstrong's opinion: Christian parties are of little assistance to the centre-right
Jacinda Ardern and Emmanuel Macron chaired the summit.
John Armstrong's opinion: Christchurch Call 'nothing short of a triumph' for Jacinda Ardern
John Armstrong's opinion: There's got to be a better way of revamping archaic drug laws than a cannabis referendum
Heading into a National Party meeting today, Simon Bridges said he was confident in his leadership.
John Armstrong's opinion: Collins' seeming praise of Bridges maintains fiction she's not plotting to oust him
In an embarrassing flip-flop, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been forced to ditch the controversial capital gains tax.
John Armstrong on capital gains backdown: Jacinda Ardern’s sure touch in handling tricky matters has deserted her from go to woe
Supreme Court Justice Sir William young will head the wide ranging inquiry.
John Armstrong’s opinion: Christchurch Royal Commission must dig deep to heal nation's wounds
Thousands stood and clapped for the Prime Minister after she delivered an impassioned speech.
John Armstrong's opinion: Where was the royal family in New Zealand’s hour of need?
Military style semi-automatics and assault rifles will be banned in New Zealand under stronger new gun laws announced today, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says.
John Armstrong's opinion: Christchurch terror attack both a wake-up call and a national disgrace
Jacinda Ardern would not announce the changes however, as "some detail" were needed to be worked through.
John Armstrong's opinion: Ardern's handling of crisis impressive, but she musn't back away from gun ban
AUCKLAND - OCT 15 2018: Lime electric scooters in Auckland, New Zealand. The scooters have a 48km maximum range. Users find, unlock and pay for them using an app and leave them at their destination.
John Armstrong's opinion: Silence from the Beehive astonishing over Lime Scooter's rocky start on NZ streets
The Prime Minister says she’s ‘not ruling anything in or out,’ including implementing a capital gains tax.
John Armstrong's opinion: Jacinda Ardern struck by a bad case of the political heebie-jeebies over Tax Working Group recommendations
The Prime Minister says she’s ‘not ruling anything in or out,’ including implementing a capital gains tax.
John Armstrong's opinion: Failure to deliver capital gains tax would see Ardern reduced to a laughing stock
The National MP ranked higher than him on a recent poll, but doesn’t have her eye on the “toughest job” in politics, she says.
John Armstrong's opinion: Media script requires Bridges to end up as dog tucker
A group looking at our tax system has put two options on the table.
John Armstrong's opinion: Labour's capital gains tax push is political Russian roulette
"I think we can all sort of have a guess what my lowlight is," he told Breakfast today while reflecting on the year.
John Armstrong's opinion: Jami-Lee Ross may have inadvertently done Simon Bridges a big favour
She was also asked how she would vote on the cannabis legalisation referendum, saying, “I’m not a prude, I’m a Westie and I’m a realist”.
John Armstrong's opinion: Cannabis referendum National's opportunity to open fresh front against Labour
"We know there are economic opportunities to being climate leaders," the PM said today.
John Armstrong's opinion: As NZ tries to lead world on climate change, Jacinda Ardern’s failure to shut down coal-generated power is an ‘absolute cop-out’
Justice Minister Andrew Little told TVNZ’s Q+A programme it makes sense to hold the three referendums together.
John Armstrong: Small parties' back road route to Parliament must close
“It’s not Government policy,” the PM told Breakfast today. “It’s not something the Labour Party would support.”
John Armstrong's opinion: Ardern's fear of Labour losing its base support makes party look like a soft touch
It’s been a long time coming not only for the families but for the people of Greymouth.
John Armstrong's opinion: Pike River decision was about 'shabby posturing', not truth and justice
Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway said he wants a report back in three weeks or less.
John Armstrong's opinion: Iain Lees-Galloway's days as Immigration Minister are numbered due to his 'ineptitude'
The Prime Minister is due to give birth and start maternity leave in just one week.
John Armstrong’s opinion: Rating the ministers in the Labour-NZ First Cabinet
It is just over a year ago that Winston Peters made the announcement to go with the Labour Party.
John Armstrong’s opinion: Arden and Peters’ one-year anniversary pictures a stroke of genius
Simon Bridges.
John Armstrong opinion: The sad truth for Simon Bridges is that the vast proportion of the public simply don't like him
The Botany MP has quit Parliament and accuses Simon Bridges of electoral fraud.
John Armstrong's opinion: Jami-Lee Ross delivered one of parliament's most 'brutal, spiteful and disloyal diatribes'
When  the PM was asked if she thought the pricing moves were “fair”, she said “certainly motorists won't look upon it as fair”.
John Armstrong's opinion: Jacinda Ardern can’t afford to look complacent as petrol prices verge on crisis-level
National’s Simon Bridges says NZ currently has the right number, however, Jacinda Ardern wants to see it increase.
John Armstrong's opinion: Jacinda Ardern must stop the rot in 'drunken sailor' Government