Jenny Suo
Now she's determined to help young Kiwis from different backgrounds find their unique voices too.
'A massive part of my life' - Kiwi soul songstress Bailey Wiley discovered her passion in Taranaki
Corby sat down with 1 NEWS' Jenny Suo ahead of his NZ tour.
Decision to make radical change radiates through Aussie singer-songwriter Matt Corby's new album Rainbow Valley
University of Auckland scientists spent two years collecting the whales’ scat for their study.
Scientists studying Hauraki Gulf whales make startling discovery – after two-year poo hunt
The 29-year-old will be performing in Auckland this weekend.
Drum and bass star Netsky says NZ, his favourite place to play, could someday be his home
Soaked Oats lead singer Oscar Mein started writing songs about stone fruits.
Dunedin band find musical inspiration from working on roadside produce stall
I am Rachel Chu takes the film's "generic Hollywood story" and weaves in personal experiences with culture and identity.
Kiwi-Asian friends rework Crazy Rich Asians to better reflect personal, cultural experiences
Conservationists liken them to a bomb going off in our back yard.
Impact of Argentine ants as a pest likened to atomic bomb going off in our back yard
With only 40 left, DOC were surprised to see eggs in nests this season.
Aotearoa's rarest bird, fairy tern/tara iti, gets boost in numbers
But he’s still waiting for a state house, and fears too many other people are in the same boat.
Life looking up for former rough sleeper, but doubts linger he'll ever get a state house
In 2017, 125,000 foreign students studied here, a boost to our economy valued at $5.1 billion.
Support centre proposed for international students suffering loneliness and culture shock
It’s all hands on deck for our country’s first responders.
Emergency responders brace for busiest night of the year
Rotoroa Island is now home to two young takahe.
Recovery programme sees two more takahē released onto Rotoroa Island
It’s hoped the $330,000 upgrade of the West Auckland walking track will handle foot traffic, without spreading kauri dieback disease.
Upgrades made to West Auckland track will handle walkers without spreading kauri dieback - council
Sea temps surprisingly pleasant over the past week, as marine heatwave continues
They’re frustrated with what they say is a lack of Government action.
Forest & Bird shuts bush reserves, claims lack of action from MPI in handling of kauri dieback
New Zealand’s biggest tree, in Northland’s Waipoua Forest, is under threat from the disease.
Watch: 3D graphic shows how kauri dieback could spread through mighty Tāne Mahuta, as scientists make breakthrough
Kiwi scientists say New Zealand's environment is changing and birds are sounding the alarm.
'We need to do more' – 10-year-survey shows dramatic drop in NZ precious wildlife
A new report says if KiwiBuild homes are constructed to minimum standards that could cost families in the long run.
Report raises concern over quality of Government's KiwiBuild houses
Phil Goff, however, denied the claims but says he takes the allegations seriously.
'It's just not acceptable' – group of Auckland councillors accuse Mayor of not acting on culture of bullying in his office
The proposals are part of a discussion paper on how to improve our national school leaving qualification.
Proposed changes to NCEA level one slammed by headmaster of top Auckland school - 'Working to the lowest common denominator'
Scientists are growing simplified versions of human brain tissue in labs in the search for a cure.
'A pressing need' - Ethical debate raised over growing 'mini-brains' in search for a cure for neurological disorders
Avneesh Sehgal helped Kasmeer Lata pressure her daughter, 15, into having sex for money.
Jailed: Partner of woman who sold girl as Auckland sex slave tries to express last minute remorse - judge tells him it's too late
Judge says Colin Mitchell had clear and disturbing pattern of serious sexual offending as predator is jailed indefinitely over brutal attacks on two women
Michael Graham and his daughter were fishing of the coast of Great Barrier Island when their boat lost power.
Weekend's most read story: 'Darling, we're stuffed' - father and daughter rescued after spending two nights lost at sea
The university is looking at shutting three specialist libraries to cut costs.
Watch: Students protest closing of Auckland University’s Fine Arts library
After a decades-long search, Jan and Bruce Rosemergy can finally put a face to the name.
Hamilton couple solve 50-year Anzac mystery after finding metal tag at Gallipoli
The city has been left with hundreds of trees blocking roads, crashing into carports and falling onto houses.
More wild weather predicted to rip through Auckland tonight: 'This is a fast system'
Dr Jonathan Casement was about to go to work in his study when a tree crashed through his home.
‘Pretty lucky escape’ – Tree crashes through Auckland house while family inside
Concern has been rising over the popularity of Bitcoin.
It could be a decade before cyrptocurrencies are a safe investment, experts warn
Three patients have caught the bug, first detected in December.
Highly unusual antibiotic resistant bug discovered at Auckland's Middlemore Hospital