Jendy Harper
Today saw the start of a move to stop smoking and vaping in the town’s main street.
Hanmer Springs kicks off first-of-a-kind smoking and vaping ban - but not all are convinced
New research has revealed some of the birds may have been double-counted in the past.
Australasian bittern may be in more trouble than we thought
The hard work is destined to be washed away by incoming tides.
Watch: Young and old take part in annual sand sculpture exhibition in Canterbury
A group from Canterbury University are turning volcanic rock back into liquid form via a bronze furnace.
Canterbury University scientists create lava after melting volcanic rock
The tuatara became pregnant last year, buried her eggs, but no one knew until now.
Tuatara surprises staff at National Kiwi Centre by giving birth
Many of the exhibits have gone on to become permanent, and its contemporary art collection is the envy of many other cities.
The Christchurch Festival is celebrating 20 years in operation