Jehan Casinader
'I've seen the dark sides of this country' – Oranga Tamariki social workers describe working on the frontline
Is it racist? 'Very serious questions' raised about fairness of NZ's refugee policy
He survived the disaster that took the life of his brother, now he’s back underground in Queensland.
Pike River survivor Daniel Rockhouse returns to the coalface
Sunday’s Jehan Casinader spoke to the Muslim community, who for years pleaded for politicians to address Islamophobia in New Zealand.
The truth about Islamophobia: Why have the voices of Kiwi Muslims not been heard until now?
'It's like giving a drug to a child' – the true cost of porn addiction
Pornography is teaching Kiwi kids about sex – and it’s not pretty. We investigate the rise of online porn and the impact it’s having.
Out of the shadows – why it’s time to talk about porn
Jehan Casinader has lead a Sunday investigation into how internet porn is changing young people’s views of sex.
‘Porn is a health issue but it’s taboo’
Many towns are struggling with too much rubbish – and nowhere for it to go.
New Zealand's waste crisis: Five things you need to know
NZ Air Force fails to stop abuser in their ranks
'Groper Roper' - NZ Air Force failed to stop a serial rapist, investigation finds
Cheating in Kiwi sport: Athletes caught buying performance-enhancing drugs made for horses
Coral should be celebrating her 21st birthday this week, tragically she never made it past the age of six.
Sunday feature: Family of murdered schoolgirl Coral Burrows open up about case that shocked the nation
Coral drew the picture in early September 2003, as part of a Father’s Day card for Ron.
'She tried to warn us' – father of murdered schoolgirl Coral Burrows reveals chilling picture
He's now a household name, but Martin Tasker caught up with the sprint ace long before he was famous.
'I kicked the ball and my leg fell off!' – watch Paralympic hero Liam Malone's brilliant first TV appearance
Luke Chivers and international rugby referee Nigel Owens open up about their struggles with bulimia.
Bulimia in men: Silence, secrecy and survival
The Welsh referee gives an openly frank interview on his struggles with Bulimia.
Rugby referee Nigel Owens: World Cup pressure made me throw up
Thomas Maharaj.
Tertiary Education Minister accused of making 'disgusting' racial statement about Indian home ownership
Former CYF minister Ruth Dyson says officials ignored 16 years of warnings about the Great Barrier Island programme.
State 'funded' abuse at isolated boot camp for young people and ignored warnings for 16 years - former minister
Harry's is the story of a bright young man failed by the system, and comes with a message of hope from the family he left behind.
'Harry was one of the brave ones' - mum fights to improve mental health system after son's death
Sunday's Jehan Casinader was only asking this question as a scene-setter. The answer left him gobsmacked.
Watch: Why doesn't NZ's mental health boss know the suicide rate? Can't answer SUNDAY reporter's basic question
Jake Bailey sits down with Sunday's Jehan Casinader to talk about life after cancer.
Watch: 'My brain lining, my eye sockets, my nasal passages, my sinuses, my jaw, my gum, my spinal fluid...': Brave cancer teen Jake Bailey opens up on just how sick he was
Jehan Casinader speaks with those whose lives have been turned upside down by this month's disaster.
'It was like a big crack' – Edgecumbe residents describe the moment their town's flood defences failed
Professor Grant Schofield says good fats are all good, and parents shouldn't get too hung up on strict rules.
'It's not Masterchef' - Government nutrition guru casts eye over Toni Street's school lunches
Seven Sharp is there as the Kiwi actor meets the ambulance staff who saved his life.
Watch: James Rolleston opens up about near fatal crash, his remarkable recovery and how he's now '100 times happier'
Meat is plentiful in NZ and has always been a big part of our culture, so could you give it up for the environment?
Son of Waikato farmer bucks family trend by stopping eating meat
TVNZ Sunday's Jehan Casinader visited cricketer Alex Reese in Sri Lanka, where he discovered that a dusty cricket pitch can be the getaway to life-changing experiences.
Watch: The young Canterbury man using his love of cricket to transform lives of poorest kids in Sri Lanka
Jehan Casinader: Not enough to say 'Yeah, nah' to Muslim ban
Cliff Robinson has spent his whole life fighting to give his two intellectually disabled children the life they deserve. Cliff won a landmark case against the Government, allowing Kiwi parents to be paid as caregivers. But then – incredibly – he had to keep fighting, to get what was rightfully his.
'Uncaring bastards'- Health Ministry slammed over treatment of elderly man who cares for disabled adult children
The former Black Caps captain says he hopes his path doesn't cross again with Chris Cairns.
Brendon McCullum exclusive: It was my moral obligation to testify against Chris Cairns
Jen Christiansen reaches out to brave Kiwi parents who've been devastated by the loss of a child.
Losing a child: Kiwi parents find hope after heartbreak
"I was destroying people and I didn't care" - Two former meth dealers tell Sunday about distributing the drug and the misery it causes.
The secret lives of P dealers