Jack Tame
Sir David John Graham died yesterday, aged 82 – a former All Black captain, OBE recipient, and Headmaster of Auckland Grammar.
'I'd put education first, sport second' – Sir John Graham on his two great passions
Professor Boyd Swinburn says the Government must take action to reduced childhood obesity.
Sugar tax 'clearly reduces consumption', particularly for children
"To mums just chill on your expectations, make sure you actually make some time for you."
Jack Tame offers some practical advice for the festive season
"My family’s doing a cheap as chips secret santa this year," Jack says.
Jack Tame: 'Enjoy each other’s company' and spend less for a 'ka pai Christmas'
Jack Tame covered the incredible campaign as the 1 NEWS US correspondent.
2016: A look back at a tumultuous year in politics here and around the globe
Dozens of protesters have been arrested in the days following the election of Donald Trump.
‘Things are slowing down’ – protests calm following shock US election
Donald Trump doesn’t move to the White House until January 20 but his Secret Service has issued some advice.
Trump family advised to move out of penthouse because of security concerns
After years of criticising each other, the meeting between the old President and the new one could be interesting, to say the least.
'It's hard to imagine a more awkward exchange' – Jack Tame on Trump's meeting with Obama
Thousands of people across the country swapped the ballot box for the megaphone.
Anti-Trump protests erupt on streets of US: 'He is not an American, I disown him, he is disgusting'
Jack Tame gets a hug in Union Square from a woman who has had a 'very stressful past 24 hours'.
'We've been so depressed we decided everyone needed a hug' - New Yorker gives out free hugs (including one for Jack Tame)
Hillary Clinton had all the major polls in her favour, but the race is looking much closer than many had predicted.
Clinton camp caught by surprise: 'I don't know of one poll that suggested Trump would have this kind of night'
Not only that, the Breakfast host says Trump could have full congressional support, meaning his outlandish laws could be passed.
'Yes, at this stage' – Trump win a likely outcome, predicts Jack Tame
The Breakfast host says supporters are pinning their hopes on states such as Michigan, and are refusing to accept a Florida loss.
Watch: 'We're looking at two Americas' - Jack Tame describes incredibly tense mood at Clinton HQ in New York
Jack Tame reports from New York as the world awaits the election result.
'Hispanic voters seem to be coming out in huge force and in support of Hillary Clinton'
The Breakfast host looks back on the job Obama took on in early 2009.
Video: What did Obama really achieve? Jack Tame puts into perspective his accomplishments as president
The Breakfast presenter carries out a live cross with one eye on what's happening close by.
'There is a Secret Service agent standing very close to our cameraman' - Jack Tame's tricky New York live cross
The Breakfast host, whilst covering the US election, inadvertently opened a can of worms in Philadelphia.
Video: How's this for awkward? Couple on first date find out one can't stand Clinton and the other loves her
Breakfast host Jack Tame reports from Philadephilia ahead of a massive rally in front of Independence Hall.
'Hillary's got a crazy day' - Clinton to be joined by Obamas and Bruce Springsteen at rally
Jack Tame reports from New York after the latest bombshell in the US election.
FBI clears Hillary Clinton over her emails - but is it too late to reverse the damage?
The Breakfast host spoke to voters in Jacksonville Beach, Florida on who they'll be backing this week.
Video: Ever wondered why someone would vote for Donald Trump? Jack Tame finds out
America is a divided and anxious place to be right now, according to Jack Tame.
Trump, Clinton reach out to specific voter blocks of women and young people in last ditch effort
Hillary Clinton celebrated her home team, the Chicago Cubs, winning the World Series, before hitting the road again.
Clinton pulls gender card: 'You know the last time the Cubs won, women couldn’t vote'
Jack Tame reports from the US, where the Chicago Cubs have ended a 108-year drought.
'Imagine if North Harbour won the Super Rugby championship' - Chicago Cubs' World Series win put into perspective
Jack looks back on 2013 when Adams was a student and obviously wasn't as well off as he is today.
Flashback: When Jack Tame (with a Beatles haircut) asked Steven Adams about money
"It isn't the end of the world just yet," says Breakfast host Jack Tame.
Donald Trump takes poll lead over Hillary Clinton with only seven days to go to US election
There are signs that an FBI investigation linked to Clinton may have seriously damaged her chances of winning the US election.
'Everyone is knocked down in life, what matters is whether you get back up' - Clinton determined to fight on
Breakfast's host wasn't welcomed into the US with open arms.
'I should deny you right now' – what US Customs told Jack Tame when he predicted Clinton would win election
The Labour leader with his take on the Govt's latest moves to tackle NZ's meth problem.
'We need to shut down the P supply chains and get it off our streets' - Andrew Little
The Breakfast host says he’s been wrong on Trump several times, but thinks Clinton will win.
Jack Tame: It'll take a lot for 'desperate' Donald Trump to reverse self-inflicted damage
Perhaps never in US history have two major party presidential candidates expressed such loathing for each other.
War of words: Clinton focuses on policy, Trump rolls as free-wheeling showman