Helen Castles
Iwi leaders say a lack of voter turn-out in politics means Māori aren’t being heard.
Northland Māori make push for greater representation in local government
The vintage ferry could draw in thousands of visitors from all over.
The country's oldest ferry set to be restored in Northland
The sign was meant to read “baggage claim”.
'Balls up' of Te Reo Māori translation leads to sniggering at Bay of Islands’ new airport
Mr Jones has had run-ins with the airline in the past over their regional services.
Shane Jones takes dig at outgoing Air New Zealand CEO at Bay of Islands Airport opening
Hundreds turn out in Mangonui to farewell much loved publican and 'all round good bugger', Paddy O'Leary
The business’ request could see aircraft banned from an area of more than 800 square kilometres.
Pilots up in arms over drone business' request to restrict large swath of Northland airspace
Some classes have up to 80 students as schools struggle to find relief teachers.
Lack of relief teachers sees class sizes double in Northland
Potential pilots will be tested based on ability, rather than on clinical diagnosis.
Colour blind pilots set to have restrictions lifted
Some are now turning to alcohol to deal with their problems.
Northland forestry industry helping workers kick drug habits
Maree Takuira Mita Ngahere.
Man charged with murder of Kaitaia four-week-old appears in court, granted name suppression
For many, the price increase means they aren’t able to put as much food on the table.
Rising cost of fuel taking its toll on Far North communities
It'll be an emotional trip for Hamill and his young family, retracing the steps of his murdered brother.
Trans-Atlantic rowing champ Rob Hamill out to sail around world on catamaran
The iwi remains divided over who will lead them through the treaty settlement process.
Court action could be on the cards as tensions boil over between Ngāphui leaders
Apera-Hama Anihana owes creditors $150,000 and he's still in business.
Watch: Northland fraudster was forbidden from running a company in the first place
Patterson shot two women dead and injured a third man two weeks ago, and now a 61-year-old is facing charges.
Former soldier who supplied military style weapons to Whangārei double-murderer sentenced to home detention
Senior Constable Dion Masters talks about the pursuit at Shipwreck Bay.
Watch: Cop pursues wanted man during 'slowest pursuit' over rocks at Far North beach
Treaty settlement money has been spent on consultants trying to bring the parties together.
Governance of 90 Mile Beach in limbo due to 'embarrassing' tribal stoush
Seany Snowden owes her life to Faye and Tim Murray, who run Hope House in the Far North.
Watch: 'I used my kids to get money' - Northland woman bravely shares story of drug addiction, and new life at rehab centre
Northland building that stores hospital medical supplies closed after asbestos contamination
Traffic controller with 14 drink driving convictions back in court after blowing three times breath alcohol limit in Kaitaia
Supporters show up in court to back local mechanic accused of beating alleged thief in Kaitaia
Grant Dodunski's 8.94kg fish that won him the Snapper Bonanza Competition.
Tauranga surfcaster takes out Snapper Bonazna Comp at 90 Mile Beach
The Northland town is employing a novel method to "take back their streets".
Kaitaia community using airhorns in new crime fighting endeavour
Anglers have travelled far and wide to compete at Ninety Mile Beach.
World's largest snapper surfcasting competition underway in New Zealand's Far North
The NZ First MP's comments follow the carrier's decision to cut flights between Kapiti Coast and Christchurch.
Shane Jones comes out swinging at Air NZ, says he's 'thoroughly unimpressed' with treatment of regional services
Anthracnose disease is rife in all but two of Kerikeri's 20 orchards.
Feijoa grower fears they 'won't be here next year' as devastating disease hits Northland crops
A new study suggests there's a simple way to remedy the poor statistics on Far North kids' teeth.
Northland children have the most rotten teeth in the country
Recent rain flooded crucial access roads and left some remote communities stranded.
Northlanders demand action to fix their unsealed roads
Grace Morgan was admitted to hospital with a wide range of symptoms, which doctors initially thought could be measles
Northland teen warns others to know signs of toxic shock syndrome after her frightening experience
The man is facing a raft of charges following the incident on the Karikari Peninsula.
Raw video: Man arrested after allegedly ramming police car in Northland, vehicle with family inside