Hannah Wallis
Forty per cent off all jackets at Jay Jays wasn’t all that it seemed for Julia and daughter Sophie Pearson.
Fair Go: When is a jacket not a jacket? When it's made of sweatshirt material, apparently
Fair Go: Woman endures five month battle with Vodafone to cancel account in late husband’s name
Our tips comes after our investigation into Gulf Harbour Healthcare and their questionable sales techniques.
Tips on how to protect vulnerable family members from buying items they don't need, can't afford
We’re in Opotiki as we investigate why some people are on low user plans and others not.
The battle between King Country residents and The Lines Company heats up ahead of winter
Loads of Takaka parents say no and it turns out it’s not straightforward.
Fair Go: Should the school bus route dictate the school your kids can go to?
Fair Go: Just Energy customer charged for two meters when she just had one
One Whakatane resident was dumbfounded when her wicker started disintegrating after 18 months.
Fair Go: When outdoor furniture can’t live outdoors
Consumers lose millions of dollars every year thanks to unused gift vouchers.
Fair Go: Kiwi consumers losing millions of dollars each year through expired gift vouchers
One woman came to Fair Go with a troublesome tale of a PrezzyCard and a problem pin.
PrezzyCard pin numbers problematic when they're meant to make giving easier
Fair Go: The ultimate power play - what happens when three students take on an electricity giant over a $400 fee
Typos can be really embarrassing – they can also cost an international traveller a fortune.
Fair Go: Woman's dream holiday ruined by an e-ticket typo
Takapau residents say they just wanted a safer stop – instead they were told to take a hike.
Fair Go: Bus service pulls the plug on small town after complaints of dangerous stop
Personalising a motor with a personalised plate has been problematic for Shaun.
Levin motorist racks up tickets as doppelganger plate causes confusion
Gordon Bayne has left a trail of misery for over a decade, promising much, taking the money, and delivering very little.
Fair Go: Serial concrete cowboy Gordon Bayne still ripping people off
Celebrity gossip is always best hot off the press  - a fact NZ Post is very mindful of.
Celebrity gossip reaches Aunty Shirley faster thanks to NZ Post's service tweak
Shauni and Shane have been at logger-heads with Michael Hill over their lifetime diamond guarantee.
Most read: Diamond disappears from engagement ring but no cover under warranty - 'I just think we've been unfairly treated'
We all hate parking meters but they are making a small fortune for city councils around the country.
Man in dispute with Tauranga City Council after being charged extra $1 for parking
Skincare, manicures and the like can set you back thousands but doing it yourself also has its pitfalls.
Loud ear hair trimmer has user bristling at its high decibels
Shane has been denied income cover by insurance company because he failed to tell them of a condition unrelated to a rare nerve disorder that's kept him off work.
Most read story: Man denied insurance cover over honest mistake - 'It's not fair, it's rubbish'
AMI wants a sit-down with Jodee to try and reach a fair and reasonable outcome – under her policy.
Homeowner in stalemate with insurer over claim for brickwork damaged during car crash
Fair Go sheds light on a weather trap that could have insurance ramifications for thousands of New Zealanders.
Climate change becoming a curse for Kiwis seeking home insurance
Rae Gill fell victim to a sophisticated scam after her emails to a Norwegian company were hijacked.
Hacking heartbreak - whale adventure company loses thousands to scammers
Hannah Wallis has an update on Karla Mills' fight for the right to wear pants.
Whanganui student wins battle for female students to wear trousers to school
Bureaucrats have dealt a blow to common sense by branding some three wheelers "bikes" and others "cars".
When is a bike not a bike? When it is deemed a car
It's causing a bit of postal envy for some residents.
Mail delivery proving problematic if you live on the wrong end of newly established rural road
Is it operator error, or is there a secret to making them work?
Flat Stack collapsible containers put to the test after complaints they're hard to close
It took more than a year for Myra Larcombe's alarm issues to get sorted by ADT.
Feisty 90-year-old author tussles with security company in year-long alarm saga
The simplest tasks like catching a flight or opening a bank account are impossible without identification.
18-Plus Card could become more acceptable form of ID thanks to disabled man's struggle
Audrey has been happily computer free, but that decision now means she's not getting a bargain at the clothing retailer.
No email address, no loyalty card - Postie Plus' rules shut out elderly customer