Gill Higgins
We take a look into whether this is fair.
Fair Go: Northland man frustrated he's got to foot bill to make sure totara trees keep clear of powerlines
Hamilton’s Annie Zhewenwu brought 10 tickets from International Paintball Group, but when she tried to book, was given conditions she hadn’t been told about.
Fair Go: Hard-sell paintball company refuses to explain salesperson’s false information
We get involved in this blame game of musical chairs.
Sofa that started off as appealing to Auckland family is now just peeling
What do you do when your home is deemed unsafe, and the reason for it, and the only way to fix it, are completely out of your control?
Fair Go: Neighbour's 'mancave' hole leaves Dunedin homeowners feeling unsafe
The school and team are happy for him to play, but Gisborne Netball says it’s breaking the rules.
Gisborne boy side-lined from school netball team because he's not a girl
Romeo Yusupov was promised a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the Mr Elite Global Earth pageant. When it didn’t happen, he went to Fair Go.
Fair Go: Man takes out top spot in NZ modelling pageant but is denied 'dream' trip prize
Macaulay Marchant’s taken thousands of dollars from his customers with very little, or no work to show for it – is it time the Government stepped in?
A classic Fair Go showdown, as the team tries to get answers from a rogue roofer
Company behind Hayley Holt face cream scam exposed
We’re in Opotiki as we investigate why some people are on low user plans and others not.
Fair Go: Is too much choice in the electricity market sometimes a bad thing?
The Foreign Minister and Racing Minister came up with an inspired choice in buying a gift representing the friendship between New Zealand and Japan.
Racing Minister Winston Peters gifts Japan with 'sacred' white horse
It seems one of the problems in New Zealand is figuring out what you’re paying for.
Power struggle: one man's fight to find out why his power bill was too high
Every year up to 24,000 New Zealanders fail the driver licence eye test when actually their vision is crystal clear.
Fair Go: Is there a blind spot in New Zealand's driver licence eye testing?
It is something every New Zealander should be aware of, Fair Go reports.
Fair Go: The loophole you need to know if you're the innocent party in a car crash
It took getting Fair Go on the case for the Christchurch marching  group to have the matter sorted.
Fair Go: Marching team's South Island championship hopes take a tumble after Korkers fails to deliver on order
He’s allegedly left loads of victims around the country and we have some tips about what you can do to avoid such scammers.
Fair Go: Rogue roofer leaves dozens of Kiwis out of pocket
Fair Go: Christchurch sunglasses brand hit by claim its name is objectionable
Ninety-five-year old Ina Hearns turned to Fair Go for help.
Fair Go: Rogue roofer charges elderly homeowner $1200 for job valued by others at $150
Teaching is the one profession that creates all others, but it is in trouble.
Fair Go: Testing time for overseas early childhood teachers in NZ could be over
When Tanya Mudford lost sight in her left eye, her claim was denied. Now she's warning others.
Fair Go: Invercargill farmer refused trauma insurance payout after going blind in one eye
It seems we have too many school children and not enough teachers.
Fair Go: English test holding teachers back, prompts petition
It’s not just councils that are going ape over guerrilla gardeners.
What's wrong with a bit of DIY roadside berm beautification?
Danielle wants a better future for her family, but is finding ends hard to meet due to strict MSD rules.
New mum frustrated by student allowance rules now she’s a parent - 'I assumed there’d be a wee bit more help'
Fair Go: This New Plymouth man is at loggerheads with his council over the berm
Lorraine doesn't do confrontation, but felt she had to stand up for Wellington's beaches after noticing a growing problem.
Watch: Meet the Wellington woman taking on the scourge of plastic 'nurdles'
Retirement villages are all the rage, but safety and security come at a price.
Fair Go: Moving out of retirement village costs family large chunk of inheritance
Phil accidently put his remote in the wash, and getting a replacement, despite trying to pay, proved infuriating.
'It's absolutely ridiculous' - Christchurch couple battles to get replacement remote for electronic gate
Tina Parkin went in search of answers after becoming exasperated about how long it took the Kaiapoi station to pick up her call.
Why are local police stations taking so long to answer their phone?
Military medals collected by an Anzac veteran.
Should the Anzac Day hashtag be a no-go for businesses?
In the UK some schools have found a cut-price solution.
Are NZ parents paying too much for school uniforms?
As tourism booms, some councils are worried about the burden on a small base of ratepayers.
'It's a large burden on small shoulders' – tiny NZ towns struggle under weight of booming tourist numbers