Garth Bray
Alan Limmer is understandably cross, and so were the lines of communication with telco giant Spark.
Fair Go: Spark apologises for nine-month landline run-around
Many councils don’t enforce the particular law and it’s not part of the WOF inspection.
The road rule only one council enforces
We dig into the world of advertising and the human psyche.
Fair Go: Flash-frame alcohol ads on SKY 'really upset' viewer
IAG is taking a proactive stance with the increasingly common issue of mistakes at the pump.
Insurer changes rules after Fair Go goes into bat for driver who wrecked fuel tank by adding incorrect additive
Photo driver licences were introduced to New Zealand in 1999, but what happens when there’s no photo to see?
Fair Go: Faded photo on driver licence has agencies on edge
There were many issues to sort as we try and get a resolution for Prashila.
Fair Go goes in to bat for woman blamed for putting dirty fuel into her brand new Mazda CX-8
Fair Go gets involved to help sort a solution.
Who is at fault if your parcel doesn't arrive safely? Fair Go investigates a stolen package
Lawrence Levine learned the hard way that It’s not as thorough as you might think.
Fair Go: Can you trust a pre-purchase car inspection?
Fair Go investigates what came first and why that should matter.
Fair Go: Property owner forced to go up against ambitious North Shore Aero Club
Fair Go went to bat for Sally Galvin, who just wanted to watch TVNZ’s OnDemand service.
Fair Go: Are dumber TVs a smarter option?
John Sear has left a trail of unhappy customers, who are owed tens of thousands of dollars.
Fair Go: Looking for answers from Dunedin builder John Sear
Fair Go: Hot rod dreams turn to smoke as car waits at garage to be certified
Tanya was still 17 on the July 1 cut-off date, but her mum applied in October, after she had turned 18.
DOC fixes family fishing licence glitch after Fair Go steps in for teen
Would you pocket a $50 note if you found it on the ground? Fair Go speaks to one woman who chose to hand it in.
Finders keepers? - Think again before pocketing that $50 rustling on the footpath
Neither ACC or the Ministry of Justice have given Michael much to grin about.
Fair Go: Bar bashing leaves Christchurch man paying through his teeth for dental care
How do you convince Auckland Transport you did have the kids in the back when they ticket you for using the T3 lane?
Garth Bray attempts to clear up the confusion once and for all.
Taxi driver stunned at fine after parking in mobility spot without permit to help amputee customer
Too many it seems, until Fair Go gets involved that is.
Fair Go: How many companies does it take to change a Wellington street light bulb?
If you’ve booked a weekend away, your room could be alarmingly unalarmed.
'It's a safety issue': Concerns not all Kiwi motel rooms fitted with smoke alarms
If your home is damp and poorly ventilated, you are probably sharing it with mould.
Mould brings heartache for Christchurch woman still waiting for quake repairs
Thankfully Judy's experience was a case of out-of-date policy, not PC gone mad.
Christchurch woman bemused after cafe denies request to butter takeaway scone for 'health and safety' reasons
New Zealanders consume on average 37 teaspoons of sugar each day.
Clearer labelling around sugar in foods being considered by regulators
More and more Kiwis are opting to volunteer as part of their OE – but one woman found her experience with orangutans disheartening.
When volun-tourism isn't all it's cracked up to be' - 'It was pretty much a zoo'
Pair of Kiwi travellers sound the alarm after two New Zealand banks sell them expired British currency
Bunnings does right by Auckland family whose treasured possessions were destroyed by faulty heater fire
What can go wrong when you buy land? Can you assume it’s fit to build on? How can you find out first?
Get good advice before you buy a section - Fair Go's tips after Christchurch couple found material buried on their lot
What can go wrong when you buy land? Can you assume it’s fit to build on? How can you find out first?
Couple's dream of building home turns sour after potential nasties found in ground - 'You either smile or cry'
”Who should fix it? Fair Go investigates”
When your car is faulty is the car maker obliged to put it right?
An Auckland woman was moved by the story of Paul Gasson and his Irish setter Dillon.
Benefactor humbles Kiwi conservationist rammed by fleeing tourist driver
Happy Campers’ owner Kevin Whiteside said they're "not liable for any damage" rental drivers cause.
Rental car companies under fire for refusing to help clean up tourist drivers' NZ road chaos